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Using Dropbox to Share Resources with Trainees

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The RI DBP Program has created a folder in Dropbox that contains two main components:

  • The first has the logistics for our one-month rotation in Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics for our pediatric residents. This includes a pre-test and post test of knowledge and perceived competence. There is also a form for them to fill out that will be used by their peers to evaluate the formal presentation that they make on a topic of interest at the end of the rotation. Their schedule, directions to various community training sites, and an evaluation of the rotation are also in this first folder. 
  • The second folder is divided into topical subfolders (e.g. autism, ADHD, screening, chronic illness, toileting, normal development). Each contians key articles, tools to use in assessment, and parent informational handouts. When residents rotate, they are given a thumb drive with this information and an invitation to access this Dropbox folder by e-mail during their continuity clinics, when they are on all clinical rotation.

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