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Observations Across Disciplines Description and Assignments

Observations Across Disciplines LEND Assignment (322KB) [download]

Briefly describe the activity and its purpose.

Familiarity with evaluations carried out by multiple disciplines supports communication between disciplines and interdisciplinary team building. Active observation of experienced clinicians provides the opportunity for beginning professionals to learn strategies for family-centered practice and skilled communication. This curriculum component is designed to support development of trainee knowledge, skills, and values related to MCH Leadership Competencies: self-reflection, communication, family-centered care, and interdisciplinary team building.

What are the expected learning outcomes for trainees?

This experience is designed to:

  • Increase trainee knowledge concerning evaluations carried out by other disciplines
  • Provide opportunities for trainees to observe experienced faculty evaluators' skills and strategies for evaluation, communicating with children with disabilities and their families, and practicing in a family-centered manner
  • Guide reflection on incorporating knowledge gained through these observations into work with children and families

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