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Workshop on the Intersection of Culture and Diversity

Briefly describe the activity and its purpose.

Annually, ITAC staff collaborate with LEND pediatric audiology faculty to plan and host a workshop exclusively for LEND pediatric audiology trainees that takes place the day before the national Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) Meeting. The 2018 iteration, titled “Intersectionality of Culture and Diversity,” allowed over 90 trainees and faculty representing 17 programs to meet in-person and discuss about family-centered care.

Prior to the workshop, audiology trainees completed a homework assignment that included reading articles related to cultural competence and reflecting on their experiences of interacting and providing services to families from a diverse range of backgrounds. At the beginning of the workshop, trainees from different programs were intentionally grouped together; they shared and compared their thoughts and reactions to the homework assignment.

Next, trainees had an opportunity to listen to an intentionally diverse panel of family leaders. Panelists brought their unique perspective to discuss what effective partnership with audiologists looks like, the challenges that their family has experienced, how health professionals have empowered them, and messages they wanted early career audiologists to know. There was also time for trainees to ask questions.

After the panel, trainees wrapped up the workshop with a small group discussion of how diversity and cultural and linguistic competence could affect other components of the EHDI system such as: screening, diagnosis, medical management, hearing technology, and early intervention.

What are the expected learning outcomes for trainees?

The workshop provided an opportunity for trainees to:

  • Network with each other
  • Consider the many aspects of culture in their clinical, research, and advocacy pursuits
  • Be exposed to practical strategies related to cultural competence and building relationships with families


Briefly describe the positive impacts this activity has had on trainees.

Trainees that filled out the participant evaluation survey reported 100% overall satisfaction with the workshop. Furthermore, 100% "strongly agreed" or "agreed" they learned new approaches for establishing and maintaining effective family partnerships.

Many trainees also shared positive qualitative feedback about the workshop. Attendees enjoyed the family panel, citing they "could listen all day" and "wished there was more time." Others reported enjoying the opportunity to, as one participant shared, "sit with trainees from different programs as they were so many varying factors between program and clinical approaches to cultural competence."


Briefly describe any lessons learned or challenges associated with implementing this activity.

For future workshops, the planning group will consider having panelists be a part of small group discussions. This would allow trainees to dive deeper into specific topics and increase the likelihood that these discussions will continue beyond the workshop (since everyone will be attending the EHDI Meeting in subsequent days).

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