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Life Course Theory and Social Determinants of Health Introductory Assignment and Session

1. Discussion Board Assignment (378KB) [download]
2. Trainee Responses - Wordle (447KB) [download]
3. Worksheet on Poverty and Stressors in Clinical Encounters (30KB) [download]

Briefly describe the activity and its purpose.

The LEND program at the Westchester Institute for Human Development and the University of Cincinnati developed an introductory assignment and session on Life Course Theory and Social Determinants of Health (LCT-SDOH) that is offered via webconference jointly to the trainees in both programs.  A self-learning assignment on LCT-SDOH (basics and discussion board assignment) start things off.  This is followed by an in-class session (see PowerPoint) that includes small group breakout discussions about the impact of social stressors and difficult life circumstances on children and families. 

Trainees review LCT and SDOH resources and respond to discussion board prompt: "How does LCT apply to work you do with and on behalf of children with disabilities and families?" Responses are posted for discussion before the seminar.  Based on the responses from Trainees, a Wordle Word Cloud (attached) was developed.

During the class session, trainees work in small groups. Using the attached worksheet, they discuss and report back to larger group on: 

  • "How might these difficulties and stressors manifest related to a clinical encounter?"
  • "Is it your business/responsibility to ask about stressors and difficult life circumstances?"
  • "Demonstrate how you would ask."
  • "What can you do in response to stressors and difficult life circumstances affecting a child and family in your care?"

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