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How LCT-SDOH have been Incorporated into the LEND Family Partnerships Practicum Experiences and Curriculum Module at WIHD

Incorporating LCT-SDOH into LEND Family Mentorship [download]
Family Mentorship Pre-Visit Listening Guide [download]
Family Mentorship Visit Impressions and Reflections [download]
Family Mentorship Share-Back Session [download]
Family-Focused Disability Organization Interview Instructions [download]
Family Quality of Life - Life Course Theory Handout [download]
Family Quality of Life, Family Advocacy, and Life Course Theory (slides) [download]
Family Trainees FQOL Presentation Session Outline [download]

Briefly describe the activity and its purpose.

The LEND Program at WIHD has incorporated Life Course Theory / Social Determinants of Health elements into its Family Mentorship home-visiting experience and the Family-focused Disability Organization Interview, as well as the Family Partnerships Curriculum Module. The goal is to help trainees develop a deeper understanding of the family as the environment in which children grow and develop, and to provide trainees an opportunity to listen to and reflect upon what families share about support systems and how cultural and social issues impact on the acceptance and inclusion of children with disabilities in family and community life. The attached document, Incorporating LCT-SDOH into LEND Family Mentorship: Family-Focused Disability Organization Interview Experiences and Family Partnerships Curriculum at WIHD, provides information on how this was achieved and can guide other programs interested in incorporating LCT/SDOH and families into their programs. Other supporting working documents are attached including a PowerPoint Presentation (.pdf slides) on Family Quality of Life, Family Advocacy and Life Course Theory.

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