LEND Family Discipline Network



The LEND Family Discipline Network open to LEND family discipline faculty and staff only. We are exploring opportunities, including meetings, in which family discipline trainees and alumni can participate. 

History: Current policies in health and education promote, and at times mandate, collaboration and partnership between professionals and family members. The Family "Discipline" can be defined as "...that body of knowledge about the child/family member with a disability, that is inherent to the family, acquired by life experience and affected by culture and community." (Center for Learning and Leadership, 2006).

Over the past decade there has been an emerging role in LEND programs for a Family faculty member to provide interdisciplinary teams with an invaluable perspective in the scope of their training: the perspective of the family. This role is unique in that the experience of being a family member or parent of an individual with a developmental disability cannot be learned in any university course.


Purpose:  The LEND Family Discipline Network, an activity of ITAC, is a LEND specific group that’s main purpose is to provide technical assistance services and develop best practices for supporting Family activities, Family Faculty and Family LEND trainees throughout the larger AUCD and LEND network as well as other training programs across the country, through publications, products, presentations, and mentoring.


LFDN Leadership:

Chair/Point Person - Stephanie Coleman, Kansas LEND

Co-Vice Chairs - Cristy James, Indiana LEND and Kristin Mayleben-Flott, Nebraska LEND

Steering Committee - Linda Russo, Alabama LEND, Dori Ortman, Pittsburgh LEND and Graciela Sharif, Nebraska LEND


Meetings: LFDN meets bi-monthly on the 2nd Thursday, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM, in February, April, June, August, October and a special meeting during the AUCD conference. 


For more information or to be added to the listserve, please email the AUCD staff liaison, Jeanette Córdova, at [email protected].

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