Human Development Center at LSU Health New Orleans
Human Development Center at LSU Health New Orleans
School of Allied Health Professions
411 South Prieur Street
New Orleans, LA 70112-2262
Main Phone:  504-556-7500
Main Fax:  504-556-7574
Website:  http://www.hdc.lsuhsc.edu
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Position Name Phone Email
UCEDD Director Philip Wilson, PhD 504-556-7573 [email protected]
LEND Director Philip Wilson, PhD 504-556-7573 [email protected]
Lead Administrative Staff
Education Initiatives Julie Riley, MEd 504-556-7511 [email protected]
LEND/Interdisciplinary Training Nadia Johnson, LOTR 504-568-4302 [email protected]
Transition Employment and Careers Susan Killam, MEd, CWIC, CESP 504-556-7564 [email protected]
Primary Activity Coordinators
Clinical Services Nadia Johnson, LOTR 504-568-4302 [email protected]
Distance Learning Jolie Robichaux, BA 504-556-7524 [email protected]
Early Intervention Katie Rambeau, MEd 504-556-7565 [email protected]
Vocational Rehabilitation/Employment Susan Killam, MEd, CWIC, CESP 504-556-7564 [email protected]
Discipline Coordinators
Assistive Technology Meher Banajee, PhD 504-556-3435 [email protected]
Audiology Megan Guidry, AuD 504-568-4336 [email protected]
Education Julie Riley, MEd 504-556-7511 [email protected]
Family Katie Rambeau, MEd 504-556-7565 [email protected]
Psychology Kim Sherman, PhD 504-373-9606 [email protected]
Speech-Language Pathology Michael Norman, PhD 504-556-3455 [email protected]
Specialty Resource Contacts
Autism Spectrum Disorder Interdisciplinary Clinic Coordinator Nadia Johnson, LOTR 504-568-4302 [email protected]
Clinic Care Coordinator Cedric Dent, MSW 504-333-1214 [email protected]
DeafBlind Technical Assistance Michael Norman, PhD 504-556-3455 [email protected]
Developmental Screening Katie Rambeau, MEd 504-556-7565 [email protected]
K-12 Education T/TA Julie Riley, MEd 504-556-7511 [email protected]
Mindful Activity Project Brandon Walker, OTD 504-568-4303 [email protected]
Transition Employment and Careers Initiatives Susan Killam, MEd, CWIC, CESP 504-556-7564 [email protected]
Web Specialist Stuart Simon, MLIS 504-556-7567 [email protected]
Project/Program/Clinic Contacts
ASD Interdisciplinary Diagnostic Clinic Cedric Dent, MSW 504-333-1214 [email protected]
Benefits Planner, LSU WIPA/LA Benefits Planning Services Coordinator, LA DeafBlind Project for Children and Youth Rose Angelocci, PhD, CRC, CWIC 504-556-7519 [email protected]
DeafBlind Technical Assistance Initiatives Director, Interprofessional Preparation for Related Services Personnel Director, LEND Speech Language Pathology Mentor Faculty Michael Norman, PhD 504-556-3455 [email protected]
Disability Specialist Lizbeth Raque, M.Ed. 504-556-7507 [email protected]
Early Learning Center Assistant Teacher Clarissa Carmouche, High School 504-556-7542 [email protected]
K-12 Initiatives Director LASARD Project Director Julie Riley, MEd 504-556-7511 [email protected]
LASARD Project, Program Facilitator LEND Core Faculty, Capstone Coordinator Chris Champagne, BA 504-556-7504 [email protected]
LEND Audiology Mentor Faculty Megan Guidry, AuD 504-568-4336 [email protected]
LEND Capstone Mentor Faculty Julie Schiavo, MLIS, AHIP 504-941-8162 [email protected]
LEND Coordinator Nadia Johnson, LOTR 504-568-4302 [email protected]
LEND Education Mentor Faculty Maria Ruiz, PhD 337-482-1891 [email protected]
LEND Education Mentor Faculty Scott Snyder, PhD 205-934-8475 [email protected]
LEND FME Coordinator Inclusive Practices in Early Childhood (IPEC), Program Manager Early Head Start Child Care Partnership, Disability Specialist Autism Spectrum Disorder Interdisciplinary Diagnostic Clinic (ASDID), Early Interventionist Katie Rambeau, MEd 504-556-7565 [email protected]
LEND Occupational Therapy Mentor Faculty Brandon Walker, OTD 504-568-4303 [email protected]
LEND Policy and Advocacy Coordinator Liz Gary 504-858-8633 [email protected]
LEND Public Health Mentor Faculty Shokufeh Ramirez, MPH 504-988-3539 [email protected]
LEND Speech Language Pathology Mentor Faculty Meher Banajee, PhD 504-556-3435 [email protected]
LEND Speech Language Pathology Mentor Faculty Leslie Lopez, PhD 504-568-4338 [email protected]
LEND Speech Language Pathology Mentor Faculty Brittney Wright Peters, MCD, CCC-SLP 504-568-4348 [email protected]
Outreach Coordinator Jolie Robichaux, BA 504-556-7524 [email protected]
Psychologist, ASD Interdisciplinary Diagnostic Clinic Kim Sherman, PhD 504-373-9606 [email protected]
Self-advocate LEND Faculty Stuart Simon, MLIS 504-556-7567 [email protected]
TEC Director Assistant Professor Susan Killam, MEd, CWIC, CESP 504-556-7564 [email protected]
Work Incentives Planning and Assistance Project- PI, Paid Apprenticeships for Youth Project- PI, Louisiana Deafblind TA Grant- PI Philip Wilson, PhD 504-556-7573 [email protected]
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