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Learning Together: Connecting Research and Lived Experience

The AUCD 2021 Conference, taking place November 15-17.  This year's theme will be "Learning Together: Connecting Research and Lived Experience."  Because we don't know what November will be like, this will once again be held as a virtual event. We are excited to have our AUCD community explore the connection between people with disabilities, their families, and the professionals who carry out research about disabilities.  How we talk about research and the words we use make a big difference in how we think about research.  We hope the conference will give us a chance to learn about ways to talk about research that everyone can understand.  We also hope to learn how research can make life better for people with disabilities and their families, what we can learn from the experiences of people with disabilities and their families who have participated in research, and ways to improve the way we carry out research that can improve the relationship between the research community and the disability community.


Watch Plenary and Awards Ceremony Videos from the AUCD 2020 Conference

AUCD is pleased to provide video recording of our conference plenary sessions, "Opening Plenary: What is Equity and What does it Mean for the Disability Community,","Leading Change to Achieve Equity: Conversations We Need to Have," and the Closing Plenary: Engaging with Congress to Achieve Equitable Communities."


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