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2011 Conference in Review

"The Journey Continues: 40 Years Promoting Equity and Excellence through Research, Education, and Service" was another amazing gathering of self-advocates, family members, students, researchers, faculty, directors, and the DD Community.


2011 Conference Photos

View photos of the 2011 AUCD Conference: plenaries, meetings, trainees, awards, and gala celebrations.


2011 Conference Video

AUCD was pleased to partner with TV Worldwide for the recording of the 2011 opening and closing plenary sessions. Entitled, 'The Journey Continues: Where We've Been' and 'The Journey Continues: Where We're Going,' these sessions take us through 40 years of developmental disabilities history and ask emerging leaders in the AUCD network what they envision for the next 40 years. These videos are captioned and no registration is required to view them.





About AUCD 2011

It has been 40 years since our network was founded. 2011 is a time to reflect on the accomplishments of the last forty years, to face the challenges of today, and to imagine the future. It is important that we celebrate our accomplishments in advocacy, in education, in systems change, and in promoting self advocacy. It is also important that we recognize the issues and challenges of today and develop solutions and strategies that will continue the journey. And it is important to continue to envision the future.

The 2011 AUCD Conference provides an opportunity to celebrate the great strengths and capacity of our network... and to share those strategies in research, education, and service that continue the journey towards equity and excellence. Join your colleagues in this year's conference and help shape the future of the disability field.