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Submit a Proposal for AUCD 2019 Today

Deadline: May 24

The AUCD Conference is one of the nation's premier places to highlight your work. Over 200 different presentations will be accepted to the conference in several different types of sessions, formatted for maximum visibility and interaction with attendees. Proposals are encouraged from students, self-advocates, family leaders, clinicians, and researchers in over 25 topics. Don't miss your chance: submit a proposal today!


You're Invited to AUCD 2019!

Leading Change Together

The world is an ever-changing place of ideas, trends and economic and political forces, and our network is well-positioned to respond to these changes as they happen. Through our collective work, AUCD's member centers and programs can play a leadership role in innovating and evolving to meet the needs of our varied stakeholders. I hope that this conference will energize you, introduce you to new ideas, and serve to improve our practice.


Preview the AUCD 2019 Conference Agenda

Every year we strive to improve the AUCD Conference. For 2019, we have a few agenda changes that we hope you'll enjoy, including adjusted times of the Change Sessions, staggering of select Council meetings, and a switch from three plenaries to two. View additional details and preview the agenda today!