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What is Equity and What does it Mean for the Disability Community?

AUCD2020 Opening Plenary

What is equity? What does it mean in the disability space? We as a network, and the broader disability community, have yet to answer these questions and define equity. As we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Americans With Disabilities Act and look toward the next decade, achieving equity is our highest priority. Join us for a dynamic and thought-provoking presentation and dialogue designed to help define equity and the path forward.

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Recognize Exceptional Leadership

The annual AUCD Awards gives us an opportunity to recognize individuals, programs, and organizations that have demonstrated exceptional leadership and made outstanding contributions. We honor leadership, advocacy, research, policy, and practice that further diversifies and creates more inclusive communities for people with disabilities and their families. Comprised of 10 categories, the AUCD Awards represent the exemplars within our network, and local, state, and federal partners. We know the depth, breadth, and expertise of our trainees, advocates, professionals, and partners is extraordinary and deserving of recognition. In preparation for this year's conference, we invite you to nominate someone who truly inspires you in the spirit of the conference theme: Achieving Equity: Leading the Way in the Next Decade. Submit a Nomination by September 4.


#AUCD2020 is Going Virtual

We make this announcement during unprecedented times in our country. The current and anticipated long-term impacts of COVID-19 led to our decision to convene a virtual conference this year. Our conference theme, 'Achieving Equity: Leading the Way in the Next Decade, 'confronts the realities we face as a nation in addressing the long-term inequalities experienced by marginalized communities. AUCD2020 continues to serve as a forum for meaningful collaborations on salient topics, best practices, and critical issues that affect the disability community, our network, and beyond. Read more in the Virtual Event tab.


You're Invited to AUCD 2020!

Achieving Equity: Leading the Way in the Next Decade

As we have announced, the AUCD 2020 Conference: Achieving Equity: Leading the Way in the Next Decade, will be a virtual event, still taking place December 7-9. We are committed to provide informative, innovative, and accessible content through plenaries, concurrent and poster sessions. Our virtual platform will offer high visibility and many ways for attendees to connect with our sponsors, exhibitors, and each other. We will keep you updated in the coming months as work through the logistics of a first ever AUCD virtual conference. Read more from conference chair Tawara Goode under You're Invited.


Watch the AUCD2019 Opening Plenary

Over 1,100 people from around the country joined us at the 2019 AUCD Conference in Washington, DC, as we explored the many ways AUCD network members, partners, and people with disabilities are all leading change together. During the opening plenary of our largest conference yet, next-generation leaders discussed the future of disability rights and ways that our network can help them lead and have an impact. Watch their exciting discussion.


Public Transportation at AUCD2019

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AUCD has again partnered with Guidebook to bring you the entire conference agenda and more on your mobile device, for free! Download the guide to plan your day with personalized schedules, browse exhibitors, view maps of the hotel and surrounding area, view the attendee list and connect with people before you arrive, access exclusive online content, and much more.