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Accessibility & Inclusion


The Association of University Centers on Disability (AUCD) works to make the spaces, presentations, and the overall Conference experience as accessible and inclusive as possible. By doing this we hope to create an environment where everyone feels like they belong. It is our intent that presenters fully consider their potential audience when preparing and delivering their presentation, and that attendees feel comfortable going into any presentation with the understanding that they will be able to participate fully in any session.

This year we are requiring all presenters to do the following for their virtual conference presentations:

  • Videos must be captioned
  • Handouts/e-posters must have ALT text/image descriptions and be in an accessible format

Below are examples of accessibility formats and resources for the requirements above as well as many other ways that you can make your presentation more accessible for attendees. These are all important thingsto keep in mind any time you are presenting, in any type of format. AUCD is always looking for ways to model its mission of inclusion and to demonstrate "All means all!" If you have any recommendations, feedback or ideas for advancing accessibility please feel free to send them to Jennifer Tuell at [email protected].


2020 AUCD Conference - Accessibility Guidelines


  • Accessible presentations tip sheet (click here to download)AUCD logo
  • Unmute yourself and speak one at a time
  • Begin by saying your name (yes, every time)
  • Describe: images, charts and graphs and test
  • Use plain language and explain acronyms
  • Slow down pace so audience can follow and ask questions
  • Creating Accessible and Engaging Presentations


  • All videos submitted for the conference must have captions.
  • The caption feature in Zoom does not show up in the Zoom recording (only during the live Zoom meeting).
  • Below is a list of free captioning resources to be able to embed captions into your video recording before submitting to AUCD.
  • A reminder that to caption an already recorded video:

    1. Download video as a Mp4
    2. Upload it to whatever site you are using for captioning
    3. Add captions using the tool within the site.
    4. Download again and the captions will be embedded. This is the video you will submitt to AUCD.


  • Use fonts such as: Arial, Calibri, Tahoma, Veranda, Georgia, etc.
  • Posters
    • The below font and other guidance is based on a full-sized, printed poster.
    • Accessible Poster example - (Click here to download)                  
    • Poster title text should be no smaller than 88pt font
    • Author name text should be no smaller than 72 point font
    • Section headers should be no smaller than 60 point font
    • Body text should be no smaller than 36 point font
    • Create the poster in PPT first and include the accessibility features, then convert to PDF
    • Making Accessible Academic Posters - CEDC's Archived Webinar

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