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Presenter Guidelines: Accessibility & Inclusion


The Association of University Centers on Disability (AUCD) works to make the spaces, presentations, and the overall Conference experience as accessible and inclusive as possible. By doing this we hope to create an environment where everyone feels like they belong. It is our intent that presenters fully consider their potential audience when preparing and delivering their presentation, and that attendees feel comfortable going into any presentation with the understanding that they will be able to participate fully in any session.



  • Power Point-Best Practices:
    - Use a minimum of 44pt font for the title, minimum of 32pt font for the text
  •      - Use a minimum of 36pt font for the text
  • Bullets and numbering encouraged
  • Include visuals

  • Use image alternative (ALT) text for image descriptions

  • Use fonts such as: Sans Serif Fonts, Arial, Calibri, Tahoma, or Veranda
  • Keep color contrast high between font and background
  • Have captions in all videos (audio descriptions recommended)
  • Consider use of QR Code (Quick Response)


  • Turn in your presentation early so viewers can prepare
    - Draft agenda that can be shared in advance so participants know what to expect
    - Become familiar with potential audience members (e.g. person-first/identity-first)


  • Begin speaking by introducing self
  • Use Plain Language (Sabe USA)
  • Incorporate visuals and use minimal text 
  • Describe all images, charts, graphs and read all texted that are displayed
  • Explain all acronyms
  • Allow time for processing and questions
  • Work in breaks as-needed (10 minutes per hour)
An orange projector screen in the middle of the image with a simple line graph going up and down.  This display is in front of audience members whose back of their heads are shown at the bottom of the picture.  Surrounding the screen are various speech balloons that have different images in them such as a light bulb, a book and empty ones as well. QR Code linking to AUCD website


    AUCD is always looking for ways to model our mission of inclusion and to demonstrate "All means all!" If you have any recommendations, feedback or ideas for advancing accessibility please feel free to send them to Jennifer Tuell at [email protected].