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Trainee Travel Scholarship and Volunteer Opportunities

AUCD is pleased to announce the availability of 15 trainee travel scholarships of up to $300 each AND 2 trainee volunteer scholarships of up to $450 each to support AUCD Trainees in attending the 2010 AUCD Conference.  The AUCD Conference is an amazing learning and networking opportunity!

AUCD Trainees

Travel Scholarships

Trainees may apply for funding support to attend the AUCD Annual Meeting & Conference.  No on-site duties are required of trainees receiving these scholarships, though post-event summaries are required for a trainee to receive the scholarship (see "how to get the funds" below).

Volunteer Scholarships

Volunteering at the AUCD Conference is a great opportunity to not only reduce your costs of attending the conference but also receive hands-on leadership and learning opportunities about the AUCD network and the management of a national conference. The trainees receiving these stipend opportunities are required to contribute approximately 6 hours of volunteer time over the course of the Conference to assist AUCD staff. Possible volunteer activities include staffing the Conference Media Room, supporting preparations for the Monday evening Poster Session, and supporting preparations for the Monday Training Symposium, as well as other activities. Trainee volunteers will be manged by and report to AUCD's Director of Operations Laura Martin. Questions regarding specific duties of trainee volunteers should be directed to Laura.

How to Apply

Interested trainees for either opportunity are requested to submit a brief application online here. The application must include the following:

  1. a statement of interest
  2. a resume/CV
  3. a letter of support from their UCEDD/LEND/Training Director

What is an Allowable Expense?

Travel expenses allowable under this scholarship include coach class air or reasonable ground travel and hotel accommodations. Additional details on allowable costs are included with the reimbursement form. Registration and poster charges for the Conference are not allowable.

How to Get the Funds

  1. Trainees are expected to pay the cost of their travel upfront in its entirety.
  2. After attending the Conference, trainees receiving either volunteer or travel scholarships will be required to document their experience at the AUCD Conference and share it with trainees across the network. You may select from the following activities:
    1. Post daily messages on insights, new knowledge, and impressions from the  Conference on the AUCD Trainee Listserve and/or Facebook page during the conference.
    2. Start a discussion board topic relevant to something you experienced at the conference on the AUCD Trainee Message Board or Initiate discussion thread on AUCD Trainee Facebook Page.  Forward the link and topic to the trainee listserve to get other trainees to contribute, and moderate any ensuing discussions.
    3. Submit an electronic photo album of highlights of your experience to be posted on AUCD's website.
    4. Create a brief video or series of videos of conference activities and post it on the AUCD Facebook page; distribute the link to the AUCD Trainee listserve.
    5. Submit a 300 word article about your experience at the conference to AUCD for the our various publicatons including Health and Disability Digest and the LEND Links newsletter.
  3. After submitting their summary statement, trainees awarded the volunteer or travel scholarships must submit a proper reimbursement form (for travel scholarships; for volunteer scholarships) [pdf pdf] and relevant receipts to AUCD detailing their travel costs. The form must be sent to AUCD not later than 60 days after the end of the Conference. Applicable receipts (original or copy) must be included. AUCD will then reimburse allowable travel expenses to the trainees awarded scholarships for this year.

All trainees attending the Annual Meeting will also receive a reduced registration fee of $210 for the conference (a savings of $185!), excluding events which have an extra registration cost.


The deadline for this application is September 27th. Trainees who have been selected will be notified by October 1st so that they may register for the conference.  The Conference registration deadline is October 8th.

The deadline for submitting the summary statement and travel expense form to AUCD is not later than 60 days after the conclusion of the Conference.

>> Apply for your 2010 Trainee Travel or Volunteer Scholarship here.




Too much of what we want for all still occurs only in pockets of excellence around the world - with leadership contributed by too few and constant pressures to compromise quality. Our collective next great challenge as the AUCD Network is Going to Scale through systematic efforts at expanding the scope, impact, quality, and reach of our practices.

There are few greater efficiencies in our field than building on the ideas of others, learning what to do and what not to do in developing programs, and gaining invaluable insights into what works and why. Attend the 2010 AUCD Annual Meeting and Conference and share in making what works accessible to all.