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AUCD - Transition Symposium: A Comprehensive Interagency, Interdisciplinary Approach to Transition from Adolescence to Adulthood

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Monday, December 3, 2012 8:15 AM - 10:45 AM

Location: Columbia 8

Session Description


The Issue

Interdisciplinary and interagency collaboration and partnerships are benchmarks for successful transition; yet most approaches to transition come from the perspective of a single lens - isolated disciplines, isolated services, and isolated programs. Transition is typically not approached from an interdisciplinary holistic perspective. Transition planning and services frequently occur in silos. This symposium will focus on describing the components of an integrated transition model and on developing strategies for integrating diverse perspectives, disciplines and agencies into a comprehensive approach to transition. The symposium will include presentations by an interagency panel, examples of effective strategies, and guided practice in applying these strategies to the participants' communities.


Goals:  What We Will Learn

  • What the evidence says about effective transition across disciplines and agencies;
  • Predictors of post-school success;
  • Components of a comprehensive interdisciplinary and interagency approach to transition;
  • Perspectives of various disciplines who participate in the transition process including education, health, employment, postsecondary education, adult services, families;
  • Collaborative roles and responsibilities of agencies that participate in the transition process including schools, health care providers, vocational rehabilitation providers, adult service providers, others;
  • Strategies for developing effective interagency collaboration;
  • The role of self-determination in the transition process;
  • Strategies for transition planning for adolescents from culturally diverse populations;
  • Resources from across the AUCD network;
  • Suggestions for adolescents and families.



Featured Presenter(s)

  • Dr. Tony Antosh, Paul V. Sherlock Center, Rhode Island College
  • Dr. Ilka Riddle, Cincinnati University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities
  • Dr. Margo Izzo, Nisonger Center, Ohio State University
  • Dr. Olivia Raynor, Tarjan Center, University of California, Los Angeles