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Tuesday, November 8, 2011 10:30AM - 04:15PM

Location: Capitol Room

Session Description

10:30am- When I'm not Alone

Length: 20 Minutes

Producer: Rhianon Gutierrez

Presenter: None


Born female but raised as a male, Sam Durbin, experienced unspeakable abuse for most of his life, never learned to read or write, and drifted in and out of institutions.  When he found Integrity House, a clubhouse for people with disabilities in Southern California, he learned to read, write, and advocate for himself, eventually becoming a published author and nationwide advocate for people with disabilities. Despite his successes, his past continues to affect him in profound ways-from how he trusts people to his own self-image.

10:50am- If Everybody Works: Employment Success Stories

Length: 30 Minutes

Producer: Sarah Renner

Presenter: None


"If Everybody Works" is a video that demonstrates what happens when people with disabilities work in the community rather than "sheltered work" settings such as Henry's Turkey Services in Atalissa, Iowa. It highlights Iowans with disabilities who are pursuing the "American Dream" by working, prospering, and contributing to society -- just like other tax-paying citizens. Some have started their own businesses with great success, inspiring others to follow suit.

11:20am-Life Stories of Older Vermonters with Developmental Disabilities


Length: 14 Minutes

Producer: CDCI/UVM-Susasn Ryan & Deborah Lisi-baker

Presenter: Susan Ryan


The Vermont Life History Project is designed to capture the story of older Vermonters with developmental disabilities. This video captures the experiences of three Vermonters, Christine, Donald and Pat who tell their story of growing up in Vermont, living at the state institution and working in the community.


12:00pm-Therapies for Children with Autism

Length: 66 Minutes

Producer: Louise Tiranoff Productions, LLC

Presenter: Louise Tiranoff


Gain an understanding of the theoretical and practical applications of various therapeutic interventions available to treat children with autism spectrum disorders. 



1:30pm-Monica & David

Length: 68 Minutes

Producer: Alexandra Codina/CineMia LLC

Presenter: None


Winner of Best Documentary at the Tribeca Film Festival and currently airing on TV in 14 countries, MONICA & DAVID is the love story of two adults with Down syndrome.  Full of humor, romance and everyday family drama, the film encourages discussion on key topics--independence, dating, sexuality, overprotection, planning for the future, employment, and much more.

3:00pm- Keep People Home. Keep People Working

Length: 18 minutes

Producer: Todd Newman

Presenter: None




The families of people with severe disabilities know better than anyone what their lives are like. But sometimes that reality is obscured behind words like "respite," "budget," and "severe disability." Last year, the Center for Persons with Disabiltiies' KSAR video production unit teamed up with the Utah Developmental Disability Council to make those words real. The result was Keep People Home. Keep People Working. The 18-minute film went on to win a bronze Telly in the fundraising category. The award is given to top-tier, non-broadcast productions. The short film also powerfully communicated the reality that some families face. When it was finished, the DVD was distributed to advocates, who then were asked to share it with their communities and policymakers.


3:20pm- A New Kind of Listening

Length: 57 minutes

Producer: The Groove Productions

Presenter: None


A NEW KIND OF LISTENING is an award-winning documentary that proves the power of inclusive arts to transform lives. The film takes us inside the creative work of the Community Inclusive Theater Group, as its members, some with significant disabilities, become writers and actors in an original collaborative performance piece.