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Adult Health Case-based Modules, Case 2 of 4

Using the Cases in Training (102KB) [download]
Case Two Case and Questions Only (71KB) [download]
Case Two Case and Questions Only (573KB) [download]
Case Two Complete (105KB) [download]
Case Two Complete (763KB) [download]

Briefly describe the activity and its purpose.

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Terry Schaeffer is a 35 year old woman who recently moved into town to take a position as a runner in a law firm. Her prescription for oral contraceptives is about to run out and she needs a new prescription from a physician under her new health care plan. She locates a family physician who participates in her managed care plan and makes an appointment for a visit.

Ms. Schaeffer has athetoid Cerebral Palsy and has been very healthy. When she arrives at the office for the appointment, she drives her power wheelchair into the waiting room and is disappointed to find that the receptionist's counter is so high that she cannot see over it. She asks for someone to come to the other side of the counter to check her in.

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