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AUCD: Poster Symposium: Advocacy & Self-determination: Meaningful Participation in Decision-Making:A Toolkit of Promising Supported Decision Making Practices in the Transition to Adulthood


pdf File Supported Decision Making (SDM): An Alternative to Guardianship and a Tool to Empowerment Within Guardianship [download]


Steve Ruder, B.S.W., Program Coordinator, Transition and Adult Projects
UC Davis at the MIND Institute, UCEDD/LEND

Other Presenter(s)

Robin Hansen, M.D., UC Davis MIND Institute: CEDD, Sacramento, CA, United States;
Ann Bui, M.S.H.C.A., UC Davis MIND Institute: LEND, Sacramento, CA, United States;
Cathy Mikitka, M.A., UC Davis MIND Institute: CEDD, Sacramento, CA, United States;
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Exploring services and supports during Transition is often coupled with concerns about how families will continue to support and guide young adults with disabilities once they become legal adults. Many families are counseled by schools, professionals, and publications to automatically become legal guardians. This session will explore some potential pitfalls of guardianship and the supported decision-making model that addresses these concerns with greater flexibility and less restriction.

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