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AUCD: Poster Symposium: Training Curricula & Outcomes: Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Faculty Development Series on the Design and Implementation of a LEND Blending Learning Environment


pptx File Vanderbilt Blended Learning Faculty Development Poster [download]


Tyler Reimschisel, MD, MHPE, LEND Director
Albert Einstein College of Medicine/CHAM, DBP

Other Presenter(s)

Tara Minor, MAT, Nashville, TN, United States, TN - Vanderbilt University, UCEDD/LEND;


We designed a new, blended-learning LEND core seminar curriculum to increase attendance at our seminars and to improve learning through enhanced peer interactions. We provided a six-part faculty development series on creating and implementing a blended learning curriculum. This study shows that preparing a blended learning curriculum can at first seem overwhelming to faculty, but ultimately the educational experience is far richer for both the students and faculty.

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