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Tuesday, November 10, 2009 1:15 pm - 2:30 pm

Location: Meeting Room Level


Involving Families in LEND: Family-Directed Interdisciplinary Consultations via Videoconferencing
Barbara Fiechtl, Program coordinator, Center for Persons with Disabilities, UCEDD/LEND
Laura Richards, Ph.D, University of Idaho, UT - Utah Regional Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (URLEND)

This presentation will provide information regarding the implementation of interdisciplinary Family-Directed Consultations as utilized in the Utah Regional LEND program. These consultations, which are conducted via videoconferencing, create an opportunity for trainees and families in rural areas to participate with faculty and specialists in major medical centers.

The Use and Importance of Individual Support Needs Assessment
Michael Wehmeyer, PhD, Ross and Mariana Beach Distinguished Professor, Schiefelbusch Institute for Life Span Studies, UCEDD/LEND
Marc Tasse, Ph.D., Ohio State University, OH - Nisonger Center UCDD

The Supports Intensity Scale is a norm-referenced, standardized measure of support needs and, increasingly, is being used to provide objective indicators of the extraordinary support needs of peole with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This session overviews the SIS and a companion tool in development, the Children's SIS.

Promoting Partnerships: Developing State Health Systems for Children with Autism and Developmental Disabilities
Grace Williams, Program Manager, Famly Involvement-CYSHCN, AMCHP
Grace Williams, AMCHP
Laura Kavanaugh, MCHB
xxx, AUCD
Title V CAAI Grantee
Non-Title V Grantee

The rising numbers of children identified and diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Developmental Disabilities represents a major challenge for state health systems and research centers. This session will highlight the Combating Autism Act Initiative and promising partnerships between Title V agencies, state organizations, and LEND Programs.

Building Leadership for Spiritual Supports For Families and People with Disabilities?Roles of UCEDDs in Collaborating with Theological Schools
Harold Kleinert, Ed.D., Executive Director, Human Development Institute, University of Kentucky
William Gaventa, M. Div., NJ - The Elizabeth M. Boggs Center on Developmental Disabilities
Courtney Taylor, M. Div., TN - Vanderbilt Kennedy Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities
Anna Kate Shurley, M. Div., Ph.D. student, Princeton Theological Seminary, NJ - The Elizabeth M. Boggs Center on Developmental Disabilities
Marybeth Vallence, M.S.W., KY - University of Kentucky UCE

UCEDDs are partnering with families and individuals with disabilities in training the next generation of ministers in full participation in faith communities. We present the results of a recent Tennessee survey on faith inclusion, as well as innovative pastoral care training programs across three UCEDDs (Vanderbilt, Kentucky, and New Jersey).

Building Partnerships to Address Health for Persons with Disabilities
Diane Behl, M.Ed., Senior Research Scientist, Center for Persons with Disabilities, UCEDD/LEND
Diana Denboba, Maternal and Child Health Bureau
Judith Holt, UT - Center for Persons with Disabilities
Richard Roberts, UT - Center for Persons with Disabilities
Juan Carlos Vasquez, UT - Center for Persons with Disabilities

The purpose of this session is to demonstrate the ways that state Title V CSHCN programs, the UCEDDs, and LEND programs can work together to strengthen the role of health in family-driven, community- based service systems for persons with disabilities.

Improving Competitive Employment Opportunities: Partnerships Created by UCEDDs and Project SEARCH
Martha Mock, PhD, Assistant Professor, Strong Center for Developmental Disabilities, UCEDD/LEND
Leslie Cohen, JD, AZ - Sonoran UCEDD
Margaret T. Gilbride, JD, IN - Indiana Institute on Disability and Community
Teresa Grossi, PhD, IN - Indiana Institute on Disability and Community
Susan Hetherington, MS, NY - Strong Center for Developmental Disabilities
Amber Jensen, MS, WI - Waisman Center
Molly Michels, MA, WI - Waisman Center

Four UCEDDs partnered with Project SEARCH and local businesses to create employment training and competitive jobs for people with developmental disabilities. In partnership with State DD Councils, State Disability Agencies, Vocational Rehabilitation and Special Education each group will describe a variety of implementation experiences and how these partnerships were developed.

Disabilities Among Early Mormon Pioneers
Bryce Fifield, Ph.D., Director, Center for Persons with Disabilities, Center for Persons with Disabilities, UCEDD/LEND

This research project is collecting case histories of individuals with disabilities who lived during the early Mormon Pioneer Period (1846-1893). Stories that illustrate their quality of life, treatment, and community involvement shed light on the challenges vulnerable citizens face in contemporary society.

Using Technology to Address Community Education: AUCD National Community Education Directors Council (NCEDC) Building on Opportunities
Cary Kreutzer, MPH, RD, Community Education Director, USC, Childrens Hospital, UCEDD/LEND
Marilyn Hammond, PhD, Utah, distance education with Wirecast software, QuickTime video server and university chat box software Sandra Heimerl, PT, DPT, MS, New Mexico, Telehealth/Telemedicine continuing education training ? Louann Rinner, MS, OTR, Kansas, Expanding clinical and leadership training to offsite locations using video technology and web-based education Amy Sharp, PhD, Texas, Development of a Web-based state disability resource directory, indexing program and services, using a Wikipedia type format Steve Sulkes, MD, New York, Field-testing Allscripts, use of electronic medical records as a vehicle for point-of-service training Alvaro Tobar, MEd, Massachusetts, On-line or eLearning solutions, learning management systems, web conferencing
Federal- and state-level funding and promotion of technology as a strategy to improve communication, decrease costs and enhance the exchange of information, presents incredible opportunities for UCEDDs. This session, facilitated by members of NCEDC, will present a glimpse into model UCEDD training programs using technology being tested and evaluated nationwide.

Building Racial/Cultural/Linguistic (RCL) Diversity, Cultural Competence, and Capacity to Address RCL Disparities in the AUCD Network
Barbara Wheeler, PhD, Associate Director, USC, Childrens Hospital, UCEDD/LEND

This session will solicit feedback on draft products developed by three MCC Workgroups: (1) Defining Goals/Targets for the UCEDD/LEND Network to promote Racial/Cultural/Linguistic (RCL) Diversity, Cultural Competence, and Addressing Disparities, (2) Strategies for Recruitment and Retention of RCL Diverse Leadership and Faculty, (3) a Rubric for Measuring Cultural Competence.

Current Perspectives on Parenting: Various UCEDD/LEND Directions
Ruth J. Roberts, EdD, , Boling Center for Developmental Disabilities; Memphis, TN
Susan Yuan, PhD, Emerita
University of Vermont
Burlington, VT
Bernadette Irwin, MS, Orono, ME
Mette Pedersen, MA, MEd, Center for Development and Disability
Albuquerque, NM

This session combines two current and distinct approaches various UCEDD/LEND programs have taken in supporting parents. UCEDD representatives from Vermont, Maryland, and New Mexico will discuss issues of parents with intellectual disability and shared efforts of five UCEDDs in establishing the Association for Successful Parenting, when parents have an intellectual disability. In addition, Ruth Roberts of the Tennessee UCEDD will share results of qualitative and quantitative research conducted with parents of children with various disabilities.

?A Fashion Show for All Abilities? and ?Girls Night Out: Self Care and Social Skills for Teens"
Rachel Weingarten, , , Waisman Center; Madison, WI
Dawn Cieszynski, Self-Advocate, Madison, WI
Amanda Henriksen, Kansas University Center on Developmental Disabilities
Kansas City, KS
T. Rene Jamison, PhD, Center for Child Health and Development
Kansas City, KS
Erin O'Toole, MA, Center for Child Health and Development
Kansas City, KS
Jordan Roberts, Center for Child Health and Development
Kansas City, KS

This session combines presenters from two universities for an overview of programs to promote community inclusion for people with disabilities. The first half of the presentation describes a community awareness event, the ?Fashion Show for All Abilities,? while the second part describes a social skills and self care program entitled ?Girls Night Out.?