PacWest Learning Modules: Cultural Crossroads in Disabilities

The PacWest LEND Regional Consortium created a series of learning modules on cultural crossroads in disabilities. Each learning module has an accessible PDF, video description, and discussion questions/reflections with facilitator talking points. 

Module Guide: Recommended as a preview to viewing the modules to consider ways of facilitating discussion or reflecting on content. The Guide includes video descriptions, interview questions, and discussion questions/reflections with facilitator talking points. It can also be revisited after viewing the Module to decide which specific questions or content will be useful for your purposes.


Evaluation: The Module creators are collecting satisfaction feedback from Trainees and use/integration of modules in LEND/DBP Curricula data from Faculty. Please assist by completing the surveys:


PacWest Learning Modules:

  1. What is Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)?
  2. Intersection of I/DD and Mental Health
  3. ASD and Deaf/Hard of Hearing
  4. Intersection of Motor Disability and Culture
  5. Serving the Spanish-speaking ASD Community
  6. Down Syndrome in the Latinx Community
  7. Autism and Transgender Health
  8. Adolescent-to-Adult Transition for Youth with I/DD
  9. Disability from a Cultural Perspective

Suggested citation: 

Johnson, D. (Ed.) (2022). PacWest Learning Modules: Cultural Crossroads in Disabilities.

Resource Topic(s): Accessibility, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, Leadership, Resources for LEND/DBP Trainees
Resource Target
LEND/DBP Faculty or Staff, LEND/DBP Trainees
Resource Format(s): Learning Module/Video
Resource Published: 10/31/2022

PacWest Learning Modules: Cultural Crossroads in Disabilities


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