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Colorado LEND/UCE Fellow Policy Day

Colorado's JFK Partners LEND and UCEDD fellows and faculty visited the state capitol on Feb 28, 2018. JFK Partners collaborated with The Arc of Colorado and Alliance Colorado to host IDD Awareness Day 2018 with nearly 400 participants from each of the three agencies and invited guests from state agencies and the legislature.



New Tools from the CPD Allow Site-wide Web Accessibility Evaluation (UT UCEDD/LEND)

WebAIM has long set the standard for web accessibility, and its WAVE tool has made it possible for people everywhere to find out whether a web page is usable for people with disabilities. Now, new options make it possible to use WAVE across an entire website. "The online version of WAVE and the browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox are and always will be free," said Jared Smith, associate director of WebAIM and a developer of the WAVE web accessibility evaluation tool. But the new license options allow users to evaluate more than one page at a time. "People wanted that data that WAVE provides on a page, but they wanted it across an entire website,"Smith said. Users can access these new, more powerful tools in several ways.



Raising Awareness and Inclusion for Healthy Hearts (KY UCEDD)

The Kentucky CARE Collaborative (Cardiovascular, Assessment, Risk-reduction and Education) is a free blood pressure awareness program that aims to increase the number of people who are taking action to help control elevated blood pressure through appropriate counseling about health behaviors and/or lifestyle changes. Because Kentuckians with disabilities can have higher blood pressure than those without disabilities, HDI is coordinating the Project CHEER effort to provide more inclusive CARE programming.



CDS Champions Jobs for People with Disabilities (HI UCEDD)

People with disabilities are working, training for jobs, or searching for better jobs. Clearly, work is important for people with disabilities. But in the search for employment, many run into barriers that rarely confront their counterparts without disabilities. Find out why this is so and learn why CDS researchers say a change has got to come--for everyone's benefit.



ICI'S MN LTSAE, MNLEND, & MN Latino Childcare Providers Collaboration

MNLEND Fellow, Alice Kraiza, housed in the ICI at the University of Minnesota, is collaborating with leaders of the Latino Childcare Providers Network (La Red), a Family, Friend, and Neighbor (FFN)provider group based out of Richfield and Bloomington, Minnesota. La Red/The Network's Director, Ruth Evangelista, and Alice are developing a new training program on early developmental milestones and signs of Autism using "Learn the signs. Act Early." materials and resources for the wider Latinx FFN network. Per Evangelista, "I believe this training is a good for la Red.



Vanderbilt Kennedy Center (TN UCEDD, LEND, IDDRC) Explores the Right to Make Choices

Noted disability public policy advocate Jonathan Martinis, J.D., senior director for Law and Policy at the Burton Blatt Institute at Syracuse University, delivered the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center's (TN UCEDD, LEND, IDDRC) Martin Luther King, Jr., Commemorative Lecture "Supported Decision-Making: Protecting Rights, Ensuring Choices" in January 2018.



AUCD Network Leadership in State Policy

Website  from http://bit.ly

States are often the catalysts for innovation, and AUCD members are engaging with policy makers and coalition partners in every state and territory by presenting research, conducting training, and developing and advocating for policies that will improve the lives of children and adults with disabilities. View our new online map to see examples of just some of the ways AUCD members are working in partnership to advance state-level policy for people with disabilities.



The Center for Leadership in Disability Co-Hosts 10th Annual Georgia Positive Behavior Support Conference (GA UCEDD/LEND)

The Center for Leadership in Disability (CLD) in the School of Public Health at Georgia State University (GSU), co-hosted the 10th-annual Georgia Association of Positive Behavior Support (Georgia APBS) conference on November 28-29, 2017. The 2017 Georgia APBS Conference had over 100 presentations and 1,400 registrants. Georgia APBS is a network state under the national Association for Positive Behavior Support (www.apbs.org). According to the Association for Positive Behavior Support, positive behavior support is defined as "a set of research-based strategies used to increase quality of life and decrease problem behavior by teaching new skills and making changes in a person's environment.



Dental Health Care Challenges and Barriers for Persons with Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (MN LEND)

In our January 25th MNLEND cohort session, we had the honor to hear Katie Anderson, DDS 4th year dental student at the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry, 2nd year LEND Fellow, present information on "Common Dental Challenges and Preventive Dental Care for Persons with Neurodevelopmental Disabilities.



Emergency Preparedness Efforts to Reach Disability Community in Territories with Support from Portlight Inclusive Disaster Strategies to Association of University Centers on Disabilities

AUCD expands its emergency preparedness efforts with the creation of action steps toward building capacity of Territory emergency preparedness and response made possible by a grant from Portlight Inclusive Disaster Strategies. Five AUCD-member centers will participate in interviews with territory leaders from Guam, Puerto Rico, Northern Mariana Islands, American Samoa, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The purpose of these interviews is to get insights on the emergency and disaster role of the Centers in all 5 territories and how to better serve children and adults with disabilities before, during and after disasters.



Spectrum Learning Community To Connect Texas A&M Students On Autism Spectrum (TX UCEDD)

By Maggie Rians Texas A&M University Division of Student Affairs

The Texas A&M University Division of Student Affairs will launch a learning community in fall 2018 that will connect students on the autism spectrum.



Montana UCEDD RTC:Rural Shares Rural Disability and Solution-Focused Research

The Research and Training Center on Disability in Rural Communities (RTC:Rural) at the University of Montana has produced two research summaries that provide an overview of their community-based research. Both documents can be downloaded as accessible PDFs here: Rural Disability and Solution-Focused Research.



Continue to Educate your Members of Congress on the importance of the Money Follows the Person (MFP) Program

Help people living in nursing facilities and other institutional settings move back into their community!

We applaud all advocates for their continued engagement around the important MFP program. This week is crucial for advocates to continue educating Members of Congress on the positive impact this program has had on the lives of people with disabilities. It is AUCD's hope that MFP will be included in the March 23 omnibus appropriations package. Contact your senators and representatives to educate them on the importance of MFP in order to increase co-sponsors: 03/07: call. 03/08: social media. 03/09: email.



Welcome 2017-2018 Diversity Fellows!

The Administration on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AIDD), in the Administration on Community Living (ACL), awarded National Training Initiative grants to 13 University Centers for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDDs) to support the recruitment and retention of trainees from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds to participate in a fellowship experience at the UCEDD with opportunities to make systemic change through a capstone project and community-based activities.



South Dakota LEND Trainees Experience the State Legislative Process

Leadership is the first word in the full definition of LEND. Underlying leadership are a dozen MCH competencies. The South Dakota Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disorders (LEND), housed at the Center for Disabilities in the University of South Dakota Sanford School of Medicine, takes one of those competencies-Policy and Advocacy-and engages its LEND trainees in an immersion experience with the policy makers and influencers in the state.

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