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Disability Policy Seminar 2022

The Disability Policy Seminar is a three-day annual federal legislative conference co-sponsored by The Arc, Autism Society, American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Association of University Centers on Disabilities, National Association of Councils on Developmental Disabilities, United Cerebral Palsy, and Self Advocates Becoming Empowered (the partners). The Disability Policy Seminar strengthens our federal advocacy efforts by having people from across the country come to Washington, DC to receive training and updates and visit their Members of Congress.


AUCD pre-DPS 2021: Policy Education 101

Join us to review basics of federal government and consider ways to educate members and connect real experience and expertise to policy.


Voter Rights and Accessibility

Explore the power of the disability vote; 31.7% of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities voted in 2016 compared to 61.4% of all Americas; This year 35 million eligible voters are people with disabilities ; Understand how the COVID 19 Emergency will impact voting and Get connected to tools that help empower persons with disabilities and their families.
pdf File Presentation Slides Voter Rights and Accessibility [download]


National Disability Voter Registration Week

In 2020, over 35 million eligible voters will be people with disabilities, according to Rutgers University. That figure jumps to over 62 million eligible voters when you add in family members in the same household. Millions of others are connected to disability in work and community. AUCD is excited to join partners across the disability community working to increase the political power of people with disabilities by sharing resources and getting folks registered to vote. This National Disability Voter Registration Week is part of our plans to continuously share information and resources up to Election Day 2020.


National Virtual Hill Day

#DPS2020 is upon us! While we aren't meeting in-person this year, YOU can make an impact by contacting your members of Congress and being apart of our National Virtual Hill Day. Learn how to contact your members and educate them on the impact of the policy on the lives of people with disabilities. Our guide below is to support you in having your Hill visits virtually and continue to build relationships with your Members of Congress. If you have questions or need support during our National Virtual Hill Day, please contact AUCD at _______


Continuing Education Seminar Room to Grow: Journey to Cultural and Linguistic Competency Conference "Ensuring Enclusion"

Each year the Center for Diversity in Public Health Leadership Training organizes the Room to Grow: Journey to Cultural and Linguistic Competency. The conference brings national speakers to present on the latest research and practice related to addressing and reducing socially determined health disparities.
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Sex Talk for Self-Advocates Webinar #5

Join us for Sex Talk for Self-Advocates Webinar #5. This webinar focuses on birth control and contraception for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This webinar is part of an on-going series that addresses self-advocate questions about relationships and sexuality. This series is a great learning opportunity for self-advocates, and professionals and paraprofessionals working with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to better understand sexual health needs.
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Importance of Sexual Health for Individuals with IDD

Sexual health is an important topic for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Unfortunately, conversations related to sexual health are often not fully addressed or are pushed aside because of fear, lack of comfort with the topic, or lack of information. Join us for a webinar on the importance of sexual health for individuals with IDD. Participants will hear from Joe Shapiro from NPR and Barbara Thomas from the Tall Institute as they discuss why this sensitive topic needs to be addressed.
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Policy Post Session: A Webinar for AUCD Emerging Leaders who attended DPS2019

Join us to learn about next steps after attending the 2019 Disability Policy Seminar. You'll get tips about how to follow up with your policymakers.
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Sex Talk for Self-Advocates Webinar #4

It is well documented meaningful relationships are connected to better health, social, and quality of life outcomes for all people, including people with disabilities. Relationships can help to create a greater sense of identity, self-worth, and belonging. Relationships are important, but they can look different for all of us. Join us to hear from self-advocates as they talk about their experiences being married, dating, partnered, and single. Sex Talk #4, Relationship Experiences, will focus on the personal relationship experiences of self-advocates as they join our panel of sexual health educators.


Sex Talk for Self-Advocates #3

Join us for Sex Talk for Self-Advocates Webinar #3, Safe Sex Practices - Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). This webinar series addresses self-advocate questions about relationships and sexuality. Webinar #3 will focus on safe sex practices related to sexually transmitted infections.


You are important to me: Help your DSPs be the best they can be

Our understanding of persons with intellectual disabilities doesn't have to be highly scientific or complex. Let's make it simple. Let's create a concrete and small step process to help your direct service providers (DSPs) be better at their work. Use this framework. Walk just a minute in my shoes. How does my brain work? What makes sense to me? What am I trying to tell you with words and actions? What do I feel and understand about my body? About you? About my world?


Policy Prep Session: A Webinar for AUCD Trainees attending DPS2018

Join us for a chance to learn about what to expect during the 2018 AUCD Trainee Summit and the Disability Policy Seminar. You'll get tips around setting up your Hill visits, and hear first hand from a previous attendee who is also a trainee! Lastly, we'll be available to answer any questions you may have as you prepare to join us in Washington, D.C.


Strengthening Family Involvement in LEND Training Programs

This webinar will provide a forum for discussing issues related to the inclusion of family in MCH Training programs. Panelists will discuss existing resources to strengthen the family discipline and strategies for program leaders and family faculty to build their programs by broadening and deepening the involvement of families.


State Implementation Strategies for the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

Disability advocates Candace Cortiella and Ricki Sabia will provide an overview of key ESSA provisions important to ensuring equity for students with disabilities, share issues identified in their analyses of Consolidated State Plans to date and offer tips on how AUCD network members can be more involved in state plan development.
pdf File AUCD Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Webinar Handout [download]
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