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Nothing About Us Without Us: Including People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in Research

This webinar is the result of a collaboration between the AUCD Research and Evaluation and Leadership in Advocacy Councils. The focus of the presenters will be on research methods and models that are inclusive; that is, research practices that include individuals with disabilities and/or family members as contributing members of the research team. Both presenters have extensive experience in disability research utilizing these approaches."
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The Power of the Network: Get Connected and Involved with AUCD!

Welcome to the AUCD network, 2017-2018 Trainees! Join us on Friday, September 15 to learn more about how you can get connected and involved with the AUCD network. The Virtual Trainee shared leadership opportunities and resources to help you make the most out of your traineeship!


Social Communication Interventions for Preverbal and Minimally Verbal Children with ASD

Behavioral interventions have been critical for improving the lives of individuals with autism spectrum disorder. Notable achievements include the improved numbers of children with optimal outcomes, and the larger number of children accessing the regular curriculum. Despite these gains, standard behavioral methods have had the least success in social communication outcomes. We continue to find nearly half of all children entering school without fluent, socially related communication skills. This talk will focus on the core social communication impairment in children with ASD, evaluations of this core domain and recently developed, effective interventions.


Policy Prep Session: A Webinar for AUCD Trainees attending DPS2018

Join us for a chance to learn about what to expect during the 2018 AUCD Trainee Summit and the Disability Policy Seminar. You'll get tips around setting up your Hill visits, and hear first hand from a previous attendee who is also a trainee! Lastly, we'll be available to answer any questions you may have as you prepare to join us in Washington, D.C.


2018 AUCD Trainee End of the Year Webinar

This live webinar will discuss the importance of staying connected with AUCD and the practical steps on how to make that happen, even after you graduate form your Program or Center!
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Administration on Community Living (ACL): Overview of Programs

This live webinar will provide an overview of the programs administered under the Administration on Community Living (ACL). A question and answer portion will follow the overview of programs, giving participants an opportunity to gain more information from key staff within ACL.
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Disability Inclusion: NIH All of Us Research Program

Please join the Friends of NCBDDD for this webinar to inform disability and health organizations, researchers, public health practitioners and key influencers about the All of US Research Program, as well as the importance of including people with disabilities in this large inclusive research program. The American Association on Health and Disability (AAHD) is partnering with NIH to increase awareness about this important and inclusive national research program. The webinar will include information about ways the disability community can be engaged in this national effort across communities in the United States.


Best Practices in Accessibility for Training and Dissemination

This webinar will offer practical suggestions for addressing CEDC's priority of delivering accessible presentations. Presenters will outline considerations for preparing and presenting material designed to accommodate individuals experiencing a wide range of disabilities.


2018 Welcome Webinar: Get Connected and Involved with AUCD!

Welcome to the AUCD network, 2018-2019 Trainees! Join us on Friday, September 21 to learn more about how you can connect and get involved with the AUCD network. The two AUCD Emerging Leaders Interns, Shayla and Nell, are excited to actively engage with you all to share resources and opportunities to help you make the most out of your traineeship!


ABLE Basics: How it Works

This webinar will inform self-advocates, family members, and other interested individuals about the basics of ABLE accounts.
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Enhancing Your Leadership Opportunities with the Council on Leadership & Advocacy (COLA)

COLA would like to invite you to learn about the changes in the Council and how you can collaborate with others to enhance your leadership and work at your center. If you are a trainee, staff, faculty, or director join the webinar to learn about COLA's work and opportunities to collaborate with colleagues across the AUCD network.
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AUCD 2018: We All Belong Here


Sex Talk for Self-Advocates #3

Join us for Sex Talk for Self-Advocates Webinar #3, Safe Sex Practices - Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). This webinar series addresses self-advocate questions about relationships and sexuality. Webinar #3 will focus on safe sex practices related to sexually transmitted infections.


Transition in Autism Spectrum Disorders

Please join us to hear about national work and discuss issues pertinent to the topic of supporting autistic individuals as they transition to adulthood. Dr. Eric Moody from Wyoming Institute for Disabilities will moderate a three expert panel presentation and facilitate questions and comments from webinar participants.


All of Us Includes Disability

Join us for this 1-hour webinar on the NIH All of Us Research Program and precision medicine, being supported by the Association of University Centers on Disabilities (AUCD), in partnership with the American Association on Health Disability (AAHD) as AAHD presents on the outreach it is doing to insure people with disabilities are included in this initiative. You'll also hear what two UCEDDs are doing in their states to reach the disability community.
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