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A First Look at the 2023 IACC Strategic Plan

The IACC Strategic Plan, first issued in 2009, guides federal agencies and private organizations in planning ASD-related research, services, and support activities. It is produced by the IACC, including federal officials and public stakeholder members. It is informed by extensive input from researchers, adults on the autism spectrum, parents, advocates, and the general public. This inclusive process ensures that the IACC Strategic Plan reflects diverse perspectives across the autism community.
pdf File Susan Daniels IACC Slides.pdf [download]


Dually Diagnosed: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Autism and Hearing Loss

When a child who is deaf or hard of hearing also presents as autistic, what can audiologists do to promote appropriate care? This presentation introduced the LEND trainees to the diagnostic challenges related to dual diagnosis, screening for secondary challenges and the role of audiology, and how to successfully create an interdisciplinary approach to ensure dually diagnosed children access the support they need.
pdf File Dually Diagnosed: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Autism and Hearing Loss [download]


Fostering Joy for Audiologists: Why and How to Embrace a "Joy Lens" in Working with Families

This presentation introduced the LEND Audiology Fellows to the Fostering Joy movement, which aims to promote positive engagement between families and their deaf or hard of hearing (DHH) children, and to bolster professionals' ability to emphasize joy in the work that they do with children who are DHH. The presentation included descriptions of Fostering Joy and the science behind why doing so is important. It also offered suggestions for audiologists interested in embracing a "joy lens" in their work.
pdf File Fostering Joy for Audiologists: Why and How to Embrace a [download]


2023 Emerging Leaders End of Year Webinar

This webinar is to celebrate the end of the academic year and share professional development tips with outgoing and continuing trainees in the Emerging Leaders Community, including advice on staying engaged with the AUCD network. Participants will hear from our Emerging Leader Board Member, Aliana Romero, AuD, CCC-A, and AUCD's Council Trainee Representatives.


Medicaid Education 101 for Trainees: Learn About Medicaid and Home and Community Based Services

AUCD hosted an educational webinar for trainees to learn about the structure and financing of the Medicaid program and Home and Community-Based Services. The speakers provided an overview of the Medicaid program and its structure and financing. The webinar also provided an overview of what is happening in Congress and the Administration regarding the Medicaid program.


Family Support 101: Understanding Policies that Support Family and Family Caregivers for Trainees.

AUCD hosted a webinar for trainees to learn about policies that support family and family caregivers. The participants received an overview and history of family support, current needs of families and family caregivers and policies and practices of Respite.
pdf File 11-14-2023 Family Support 101 Slides.pdf [download]


2023-2024 Emerging Leaders Community Welcome Webinar

Join us on Tuesday, November 28th from 5 pm-6 pm EST to learn about the Emerging Leaders Community and how you fit within the AUCD Network. Presenters will share resources and opportunities to help you make the most of your traineeship! Former trainees or fellows are also encouraged to attend.
pdf File 2023-2024 ELC Welcome Webinar Slide Deck.pdf [download]


2024 Leadership Academy Informational Webinar

This webinar offered interested potential applicants an opportunity to interact with the AUCD Leadership Academy faculty. The webinar featured a brief overview of the 2024 Academy curriculum and timeline. It was followed by a time for questions from potential applicants to the 2024 AUCD Leadership Academy. In addition, alumni will shared their reflections about the benefits they gained from participation in the week-long academy. and the follow-up activities.
pdf File AUCD Leadership Academy Pre-Application Webinar 2024.pdf [download]


2024 Disability Policy Seminar Orientation and Policy Education 101 Workshop

Webinar Description: This workshop will help trainees learn how to educate policymakers in DC and at home as well as teach them to connect their experience and expertise to policy. The workshop will help prepare trainees for the 2024 Disability Policy Seminar taking place from April 8-10, 2024, in Washinton, DC. More webinar details and content will be coming soon!
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