Monday, March 24, 2008- Tuesday, March 25, 2008
Location: Honolulu, HI

Pac Rim will be held at the Sheraton Waikiki Hotel in Honolulu, HI. This is a conference you won't want to miss! For more information, please contact Valerie Shearer at (808) 256-9364.

New Update


International Forum. The UCEDD, as a part of its 20th Anniversary Celebration, is pleased to host the Pacific Rim Conference, International Forum 2008. As a conference prelude event, International Forum 2008 is structured around presentations, panels, and informal discussions. The intent of the Forum is to generate interest and build capacity around issues and solutions concerning the rights of persons with disabilities internationally, with a focus on the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Forum participation is open to all. Those interested in speaking or participating, please contact Dr. Robert A. Stodden. Visit the Pac Rim Conference website, email [email protected], or call (808) 956-7539.

Content & Format

The format for the 24th Annual Pac Rim Conference relies heavily on our Call for Papers. Topical areas are chosen each year based on suggestions from previous conferences, the latest industry trends and community need. Proposals are accepted from all over the world and address best practices and innovation within the specifically chosen topical areas.

Submissions will be considered for 60 Minute Breakout Sessions, 30 Minute Topical Presentations (a combination of 2 similar topics each receiving approximately 25 minutes of presentation time and 5 minutes of discussion, within the same 60 minute breakout time), and Poster Presentations. All formats have limited space availability so each submission will be evaluated for content and relevance by a review committee with expertise in each topical area.

Each submission can be submitted under ONE topical area only and each proposal will be required to have a full abstract narrative as well as an abstract synopsis limited to 60 words or less for inclusion in the participant program if accepted.

*Please note that any incomplete submissions will not be considered so we encourage you to follow the format for submission.

Topic Areas Under Consideration

This year's program format is designed to address multiple topic areas including:

  • Special Health Needs/Early Intervention/Maternal & Child Health
  • Transitions
  • Supporting Students in Secondary Education & Postsecondary Education
  • Employment
  • Pacific Basin Special Education, Human Service, & Health Issues
  • Personnel Preparation Issues
  • Early Literacy Development and Reading
  • Supporting Self-determination & Independence
  • Native Hawaiian Cultural Competence & Learning
  • Improving Education, Human Service & Health Systems
  • Family/Consumer Approaches

Targeted Audience

Target audiences for the conference include:

  • Parents & Families
  • Self-Advocates
  • Direct Support Workers
  • Paraprofessionals
  • Professionals
  • Primary Educators
  • Secondary Educators
  • Clinicians