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AUCD 2013: Promoting Inclusion in an Increasingly Diverse World


This year's AUCD Conference theme promotes our network values of inclusion of all persons with developmental and other disabilities in community life and engages the network in conversation and practices to ensure our work reflects the changing cultural and linguistic landscape in our Centers and States.


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AUCD Conference Opening & Closing Plenary Videos

Were you inspired by the opening and closing plenary speakers at AUCD2013? Did you want to find out more about what they said about diversity, equal opportunity, or CRPD? You're in luck - you can watch the plenary sessions in their entirety, or download the transcripts! Simply click the image below to visit the WebAbleTV website to access the material.

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Liz Weintraub shares an exchange with Senator Bob Casey, while Shawn Aelong looks on in the background.


Building Our Future: Election Outcomes and What's Next

At our 2016 Annual Meeting, prominent members of Congress spoke about priorities for the coming years, as well a post-election debrief and ideas on the potential directions of the new Administration.



Relive 'Building Our Future: Leveraging our Experience from Public Roles'

At the AUCD 2016 Conference, our moderator and panelists explored what's next for people with disabilities and families under the new Trump Administration and how families and people with disabilities have played and can continue to play a lead role in building bipartisan collaboration and advancing disability policy. This Storify contains social media posts that summarize the event.

White House at Night


Relive 'Building Our Future: Lessons from the Obama Years'

During the AUCD 2016 Conference, present and past members of the Obama Administration reflected on top priorities coming into their positions, most significant accomplishments, and lessons they learned to inform the new Trump Administration. This Storify summarizes the session using social media posts.



#AUCD2016 Sponsors - Thank you!

Thank you to the sponsors of the AUCD 2016 Conference! Because of your participation, our theme of "Navigating Change: Building our Future Together" was truly realized.

AUCD Board of Directors (not pictured: Jack Brandt)


AUCD Welcomes 2017 Board of Directors

AUCD is governed by an elected Board of Directors that includes professionals, individuals with disabilities, and family members. On December 7, 2016, we thanked outgoing Board members for their dedicated service and welcomed the members of the 2017 AUCD Board of Directors.



Congratulations to the AUCD 2016 Awardees

The AUCD Honors Celebration gives us an opportunity to recognize individuals, programs, and organizations that have demonstrated exceptional leadership and made outstanding contributions in advocacy, research, policy, and practice that further diversity and create more inclusive communities for people with disabilities and their families. Comprised of 11 categories, the AUCD awards represent the 'best of the best' within our network, and local, state, and federal partners. AUCD congratulates this year's honorees for their commitment to improving the lives of people with disabilities and their families every day.



2016 Gold Star Award

Jake Cornett, MA

The 2016 Gold Star Award was presented to Jake Cornett at AUCD 2016 Conference on December 7, 2016.