Guidance and Support Documents

  • Timeline of UCEDD grantwriting and reporting - annual snapshot of what is due to OIDD and when
  • UCEDD grant management overview - powerpoint from ACL Office of Grants Management (OGM)
  • Managing a Grant - ACL's grant management webpage
  • OIDD Guidance and Information Memoranda - administrative updates and guidance from OIDD, including specific guidance re: lobbying vs. educating policymakers
    (ADD PI-01-1)
  • Tip Sheet: Matching Funds or Cost Sharing discusses the logistics of matching funds, cost sharing, or non-federal project funds
  • Guidance on requesting reduced match - OIDD guidance for projects whose activities impact people living in urban or rural poverty areas
  • Example reduced match request - From the UC Davis UCEDD's 2021 Application, shared with permission 
  • UCEDD core funding may be used to support international students as graduate assistants, as no prohibition is included in ACL Guidance on per 45CFR72.466
  • Core grant cycles and OGM staff assignments  - ACL spreadsheet of UCEDD project periods, grant numbers, and assigned staff from Office of Grants Management
  • Quality Review System (QRS) Tier 2 Core Grant Tool  is used by peer reviewers to score all UCEDD core grant applications
  • UCEDD New Core Grant Panel Reviews - overview of peer review process and call for reviewers. OIDD welcomes your participation and support as a Reviewer on the New 5 Year Core Grant Panel Reviews. Email your UCEDD Project Officer if you are interested in participating.
  • Continuation Applications: Effective 2019, OGM determined that continuation applications are no longer required for years 2-5 of the UCEDD grant, as budgets and justifications for all five years are submitted with the core grant applications. It has been determined that in accordance with the statutory authorization for a cost of living allowance, and congressional appropriations the increase in federal funding will be reflected in the Continuation Notice of Award.
    2021 Updates: There continues to be no programmatic non-competing continuing(NCC) application requirement to ACL, unless the UCEDD is changing program goals.  However, UCEDDs will be required to submit fiscal NCC applications to OGM typically by early May. The 2021 instructions and 2021 Demonstration Webinar are available for reference.
  • Grantee forms and other resources for grant management are available at Managing a Grant | ACL Administration for Community Living
  • 2021 Report on UCEDD-University Relationships and Agreements: This report provides a review of agreements between UCEDDs and their respective host universities. For sample University-UCEDD Memoranda of Understanding, please email Jamie Koenig.
  • UCEDD Self-Determination Self-Assessment Checklist: provides the UCEDD with a straightforward tool and process to determine the degree to which its policies, practices, and personnel, at a given point in time, are promoting self-determination for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.
  • Seventeen UCEDDs who have been engaging in faith and spirituality related programing, research, and training have joined to form the Collaborative on Faith and Disability. They are offering to assist any interested UCEDDs with developing 5 year plans that incorporate similar initiatives into their objectives. For more information on incorporating faith and spirituality, download their 5 Year Plan Memo below or contact Bill Gaventa  and/or Erik Carter.
  • AUCD has entered into Memorandum of Understandings (MOUs) with these 3 federal agencies: ODEP, FEMA, and USDA. Feel free to view these MOUs and reference in your application if it's helpful.