Jeanette Córdova

Program Manager | MCH Engagement & Community Inclusion
Phone: 240-821-9372

Jeanette Córdova

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Jeanette M. Cordova is the Technical Assistance Program Manager (Bilingual) for AUCD's Maternal and Child Health Technical Assistance (TA) Team. Her responsibilities include manage projects, initiatives, and meetings that address the objectives of our funder's training programs and will actively promote continued improvement for individual programs and the fulfillment of broader workforce development goals outlined in the Autism CARES Act.  Additionally, Jeanette will work closely with programmatic partner organizations within the ASD/DD community as well as support the Spanish Language Caucus, workgroups, and other entities that serve as platforms for addressing emerging training and public health issues.  With subject matter expertise and leadership experience in the Latinx disability community, Jeanette brings over 17 years of experience in outreach and advocacy for children with disabilities.

In addition to her years of hands-on experience in her prior positions, Jeanette graduated May 2011 with her Associates in Liberal Arts, Cum Laude from Community College of Denver. Then graduated December 2014 with her Bachelor of Science in Human Services with a concentration in nonprofit and minors in Psychology and Language, Spanish. Jeanette is also a graduate from the LEND Fellow program at JFK Partners, University of Colorado Anschutz Campus June 2017.

Jeanette is Puerto Rican American and lives in Colorado. Prior to that she was born in NYC and raised in Miami, Florida. Jeanette is the proud mom of a young man who is chromosomally enhanced with Down syndrome and has a lot of charm to spread around. Jeanette knows first-hand the challenges and wonderful journey it is being a parent of a person with unique abilities. You can find Jeanette hiking, spending time with her son and elder mom, and still advocating for children.



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