Justin Wade


Justin Wade is an intern at AUCD from BroadFutures. Broad Futures is an organization designed to help young people with learning disabilities and on the autism spectrum succeed in the workplace. Broad Futures is committed to the successful entry into the workforce for young adults with learning disabilities that affect their attention, organization and social functioning.

Prior to joining BroadFutures, he took a gap year after graduating from Parkmont High School in June of 2018. While on his gap year, he has gone kayaking in the Outer Banks of North Carolina and took a two-month trip to Australia. His trip consisted of a variety of activities such as doing community service, trekking in a desert, and visiting a Buddhist monastery. He also tried different foods such as meat pies, doner kebabs, and kangaroo chili.

During his time at AUCD, Justin hopes that he can gain experience in working in an office environment, as well as potential life skills and career options for college and beyond.

Outside of the office Justin enjoys traveling, playing video games, food, reading, archery, history, philosophy, and psychology.

He lives with his mom, dad, and dog in Bowie, Maryland.