Gordon G. Richins, BS

Center for Persons with Disabilities, Utah State University

Gordon G. Richins, BS

Gordon Richins passed away in February of 2018. Gordon Richins was a leader, mentor, and friend to many in Utah and across the country for his tireless work advocating for people with disabilities through local, state, and national efforts.

Gordon's approach to advocacy was reflective of his personal qualities - respectful, supportive, and effective. Gordon was committed to the disability community and offered his voice in support of people with disabilities. Gordon was a leader within the AUCD network, at CPD, and various other boards and committees at the local, state and national level. In 2018, AUCD's Council on Leadership in Advocacy renamed the advocacy award given at the AUCD conference in Gordon's honor to recognize the advocacy that Gordon exemplified and provided to AUCD and the disability community.

Gordon held a bachelor's degree in business. He was involved in various disability issues and organizations locally, statewide, and nationally. As a member and a leader at the Center for Persons with Disabilities (CPD) at Utah State University, Utah's UCEDD, Community Advisory Council. Gordon worked closely with individuals, connecting them to the programs and services provided by the CPD and other organizations. Gordon provided support to CPD Consumer Advisory Committee members, and worked closely with the CPD Outreach Division and assists with the Department of Justice, Violence Against Women with Disabilities program.

Gordon served as Co-Chair of AUCD's Council on Community Advocacy (COCA) from 2004-2010, which was renamed as the Council on Leadership and Advocacy in 2017. He served two terms as Co-Chair of AUCD's Council on Community Advocacy (COCA), where he represented COCA on the AUCD Board of Directors holding positions with the Finance committee, Communications committee and the Council Chairs committee.

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