Lisa Jacola

2009-2010 AUCD Virtual Trainee


Lisa Jacola is the 2009-2010 Virtual Trainee and brings a wealth of leadership experience to this position.  She is currently a LEND/UCEDD trainee at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center.  Lisa is completing her PhD in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in pediatric neuropsychology at the University of Cincinnati.

Lisa has had the opportunity to teach several classes in the Psychology Department at the University of Cincinnati.  She serves as the Student Representative for departmental faculty meetings and has an integral role in communicating the graduate student perspective to the clinical faculty.  Lisa has also served as President of the Psychology Graduate Student Association.  This year she received the Distinguished Cincinnati Clinical Child Psychology Graduate Student Award.

Lisa is also part of various research projects using functional neuroimaging to investigate language processing in individuals with Down Syndrome. Through research, she hopes to make a contribution to the development of neuropsychological instruments that assess cognition in individuals with intellectual disabilities. She intends to serve as a clinician focusing on the neuropsychological assessment of children with neurodevelopmental disabilities.   

Lisa is eager to foster communication and collaboration among trainees throughout the AUCD network by facilitating the Trainee Listserve and posting on the AUCD Trainees Page on Facebook.  She will also be contributing to several new trainee initiatives at AUCD which will be posted on