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AUCD advocates for the protection of equal rights of children and adults with disabilities in all parts of the world, through international measures, including ratification of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD).





Dismantling Ableism: The Moral Imperative for School Leaders - Review of Disability Studies: An International Journal (HI UCEDD)

Launching RDS Journal's open-access issue with special forum, 'Dismantling Ableism: The Moral Imperative for School Leaders,' with Guest Editors Dr. Holly Manaseri & Dr. Josh Bornstein. Including a featured Editorial by RDS Forums Editor Dr. Jenifer Barclay, a first-person creative works perspective, and our ongoing effort to highlight the latest in Disability Studies dissertations and abstracts.



Sheryl Lazarus (MN UCEDD) Testifies Before U.S. Helsinki Commission

Sheryl Lazarus of the Institute on Community Integration (MN UCEDD) testified in Washington, DC before the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe, also known as the U.S. Helsinki Commission, at a briefing titled, "A Truly Inclusive Society: Encouraging the Ability in Disability." Lazarus, director of the TIES Center, was part of a panel of speakers exploring best practices developed federally and locally in the U.S. to empower and integrate individuals with intellectual disabilities, and the legal changes that will enable individuals with intellectual disabilities to reach their full potential.



US State Department Professional Fellows Program (MA UCEDD/LEND)

The Institute for Community Inclusion (ICI) participated in the Professional Fellows Program (PFP) sponsored by the US State Department this spring. The PFP is a two-way exchange for emerging leaders in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the U.S. in the fields of environment, philanthropy, legal aid, and community building among marginalized populations. In April, the ICI hosted Di Wu in a 4-week fellowship. Wu runs a social enterprise in China called Easy Inclusion, which promotes disability inclusion and diversity in businesses through training and consultancy.





Neglected and Abused Abroad: A Look at the Severe Mistreatment of Individuals with Disabilities Around the World and How the US Can Help

A Report from the CCD International Task Force

With the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities potentially before the Senate this fall, the CCD International Task Force developed this report on the conditions faced by people with disabilities around the world and why the US must ratify the Convention.



Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities: Get the Facts

Get the facts on the Disability Treaty, see what disability and veterans organizations support the treaty, and read some of the media response to the treaty's defeat in the Senate



Status Update on the CRPD

One page on the legislative history of the treaty and where it stands now.

pdf File CRPD Status Update.pdf [download]

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