Interdisciplinary Case Studies: A Life Course Perspective


Case Studies for Use in Training Programs

The Life Course Perspective is defined by MCHB as the multidisciplinary approach to understanding the mental, physical, and social health of individuals, which incorporates both life span and life stage concepts that determine an individual’s health trajectory.

Case studies are descriptions of real life experiences or situations which have been developed to raise an important issue or to enhance a participant’s understanding and learning experience.

On the box on the right, you will find a case study template or outline that may be used to develop a case study within your training program. Below, you will find an example of a case study that follows the template provided. Below this case study, you will find additional case studies written to assist MCH training programs to teach the concept of life course to trainees, faculty, and community partners.

Please send us your feedback! Please let us know if you find these case studies useful in your training program. If you would like to submit a case study, please contact Ben Kaufman.



Case Studies Using the Life Course Perspective

Case Study Using the Suggested Template



Anna is a 35 year old Mexican-American who completed college in Mexico and has lived in the United States for ten years. (Submitted by: Joann Bodurtha, LEND)

image of paper folder Download the "Anna" case study, PDF [143K]

Case Studies Using the Life Course Perspective


Angela and Paolo 

Angela is a single mother of Paolo, a 3 year old boy with bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD), and a an adolescent daughter with autism. (Submitted by Mary Marcus and Caitlin Glass, PPC)

image of paper folder Download the "Angela and Paolo" case study, PDF [154K]



Caroline started her LEND training program to pursuing advance graduate education and to further her knowledge about research, policy, and service systems. (Submitted by Sue Lin, MCHB)

image of paper folder Download the "Caroline" case study, PDF [128K]



Jane is the MCH Director at a local health department in a large urban-rural mixed county. (Submitted by Cheri Pies, SPH)

image of paper folder Download the "Jane" case study, PDF [136K]



14 year-old Kevin and his mother are visiting the pediatrician to discuss Kevin’s recent weight gain. (Submitted by Patrick Butler, LEAH)

image of paper folder Download the "Kevin" case study, PDF [136K]


Case Study Template

Download Case Study Template

To guide the development of life course case studies, a template was developed by members of an interdisciplinary work group. Within this template there are four recommended phases. These phases are written as if the case studies are disseminated and discussion takes place in a face-to-face class, however they can be easily adapted for use in online discussions or for use over several class sessions with trainees researching responses between sessions. A designated individual is recommended to facilitate each of the phases; either a trainee or faculty member could serve as the facilitator.

Download Case Study Template Download the case study template, PDF [100K]