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The Southeast Consortium was formed in 2004 and is represented by all states in the southeastern United States that have either a Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (LEND) and/or University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD) program. These programs work broadly with individuals with autism, intellectual disabilities, and other types of developmental disabilities and their families across the lifespan, typically focusing on research, training, and clinical/community services.



The mission of the Southeast Consortium is to develop and provide coordinated training initiatives to the Title V and related state agency workforce constituents in this region of the country.



To share as much of our regular training initiatives as possible with state agency constituents and trainees, and to work in conjunction with current Title V needs in the region.



Our most recent internal list comprises more than 125 different topics across 14 different categories including: Advocacy, Assessment Practices, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Other Neurodevelopmental Disorders, Children with Special Health Care Needs, Families and Culture Competence, Genetics, Language/Learning/Development, Leadership, Nutrition, Pharmacology, Public Policy, Social-Emotional Behavior/Mental Health, Oral Health, Vocational and Transition Issues.



The Southeast Consortium and AUCD Presents! is a webinar series designed to highlight the work of member LEND and UCEDD programs. Click on the links below to view archived webinars.

2013-2014 Archived Webinars

Emerging Transformational Leadership Program

Supporting Development of Infants Born Preterm: Do Our Policies Match the Needs?

An Introduction to Translational Neuroscience Approaches to Investigating Autism

Helping Patients Navigate the Current Landscape of Genetic Testing During Pregnancy and Ensuring They Receive Reliable Support and Information - Archived webinar is not available


2012-2013 Archived Webinars

Genetic Factors Contributing to Disability

Promoting Best Practices in Foster Care through Innovative Training of Community Providers: A Model

Bullying and Ostracism in Children and Youth wiht Special Health Care Needs

Who's in Charge: Decision-making Options for Young Adults with Intellectual Disabilities


2011-2012 Archived Webinars 

New Bottles for Old Wine: Life Course Framework in Historical Perspctive

The CANDLE Study: Aspects of Early Childhood Development in a Shelby County, TN Population

Therapies for Children with Autism: A Systematic Review of Behavioral and Medical Interventions

Managing Dental Care for Patients with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Research to Practice: Using a National Dataset to Inform Implementation of a Statewide Health and Wellness Initiative



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  • LEND and UCEDD in Nashville, Tennessee
  • LEND and UCEDD in Memphis, Tennessee
  • North Carolina LEND and UCEDD in Chapel Hill, North Carolina
  • South Carolina LEND in Charleston/Greenville and UCEDD in Columbia, South Carolina
  • Georgia UCEDD in Athens, Georgia
  • LEND and UCEDD in Atlanta, Georgia Florida
  • UCEDD in Tampa, Florida
  • LEND and UCEDD in Miami, Florida
  • Alabama LEND and UCEDD in Birmingham, Alabama
  • Mississippi UCEDD in Hattiesburg, Mississippi
  • Kentucky UCEDD in Lexington, Kentucky