Pediatric Audiology Trainees

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In 2009, MCHB began funding nine Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and related Disabilities (LEND) programs to expand and augment their pediatric audiology training efforts.   These supplements to LEND awards were expanded to include 10 programs in 2011, and again in 2016 to include 12 programs for the full five-year project cycle that ends in 2021.

Access Resources Developed by Pediatric Audiology TraineesEach of the 12 programs receives up to $80,000 per year to increase the number of short- and long-term pediatric audiology trainees and to expand didactic content and augment clinical experiences in infant/pediatric audiology. Funded programs develop new or adapt existing curricula for use in an accredited graduate level audiology training program.

LEND Pediatric Audiology Trainees develop clinical skills, leadership experience and engage in activities that promote interdisciplinary collaboration.

Since 2009, a total of 409 LEND Pediatric Audiology trainees (including 240 long-term trainees) have participated in this program. This section has been created to highlight and share some of the many resources developed by these future leaders in Pediatric Audiology.



  The following posters were developed by MCHB AUCD LEND Pediatric Audiologist Trainees. To submit a poster for inclusion, please contact Ben Kaufman at AUCD.



  The following presentations were developed and presented by LEND Pediatrice Audiology Trainees. To submit a presentation, please contact Shannon.


Research and Other Materials


This section will be dedicated to all research and other materials developed by LEND Pediatric Audiology Trainees. To submit articles, research projects or other material, please contact Benjamin Kaufman at AUCD.

Brittany Richardson, B.A. (UNC LEND Trainee) shares her experience from attending the February 2011 Early Hearing Detention and Intervention (EHDI) Conference in Atlanta, GA. She is a third year student in the Doctorate of Audiology Program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Click here for the full article.