CAAI 2009 Program Meeting


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1st Plenary: Research Panel — Activities, Findings, & Guideline Development

Autism Intervention Research Network on Physical Conditions: Research Report by James Perrin, MD, Dan Coury, MD

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Autism Intervention Research for Behavioral Health Network by Connie Kasari, PhD

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R40 Autism Intervention Research by Hae Young Park, MPH

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2nd Plenary: State Grantee Panel — Overview, Challenges, Successes, & Collaboration

Combating Autism Act InitiativeState Autism Implementation Grants by Amy Whitehead, MPA, Sandy Tiahrt, Kris Green, MAT, MS, Janet Farmer, PhD, Cassie Lauver, ACSW

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Lunch & Presentation

Opportunities for Systems Change by Paula C. Durbin-Westby

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1st Breakout Meeting: By Program — Sharing of Program Activities and Updates

pdf FileLEND notes (66KB) [download]

pdf FileResearch & DBP notes (105KB) [download]

pdf FileStates notes (112KB) [download]


3rd Plenary: LEND Panel — Overview, Challenges, Successes, & Collaboration

LEND Directors CAAI Survey Results 2009 by Ann Cutler, MD and Steve Hooper, PhD

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The Family Navigator ClinicUniversity of Southern California LEND Program by Marion Taylor Baer, PhD, RD

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ASD Community of Practice Model by Bruce Keisling, PhD

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Evaluation Update

INSIGHT POLICY RESEARCH, INC. Combating Autism Act Initiative Evaluation by Claire Wilson, PhD

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Welcome & Legislative Information Panel Regarding the Combating Autism Act

State Autism Insurance Reform Initiatives by Stewart Spielman

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Federal Legislative Update CAAI Meeting 2009 by Kim Musheno

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4th Plenary: DBP Panel — Overview, Challenges, Successes, & Collaboration

ASD Screening and Diagnosis: Increasing Capacity in Community Primary Care Providers by Elizabeth Caronna, MD

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Piloting the Implementation of an “M-CHAT Clinic” by Jill Fussel, MD

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Implications of Autism and Developmental Screening in the Office Setting by Nancy Roizen, MD

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Partnering with Educators to Develop Certification in Autism Education for Educators by Pamela High, MD

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Act Early Regional Summits by Carol Weitzman, MD and Georgina Peacock, MD, MPH, FAAP

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Autism Consortium and Email Messaging Service for ASD by Leonard Rappaport, MD

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Next Steps: A Parent Support and Education Program for Families with a Child Recently Diagnosed with an ASD by Nathan Blum, MD

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Breakout Meeting 2: By Region — Ideas for & Methods of Collaboration

pdf FileRegion 1 (100KB) [download]

pdf FileRegions 2 and 3 (35KB) [download]

Region 4

pdf FileRegion 5 (133KB) [download]

pdf FileRegions 6 and 7 (183KB) [download]

Region 8

pdf FileRegions 9 and 10 (112KB) [download]