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As UCEDDs and LEND's we have a notable history of developing and implementing early intervention models, preparing early intervention personnel and providing technical assistance to early intervention programs at local, state and national levels. A major source of support for that work came from funding of model demonstration projects, personnel preparation, and inservice training from Office of Special Education Programs. Whenever meetings of these programs were convened, UCEDD's and LEND's were a large presence and that presence was interdisciplinary. At the fall 2008 AUCD meeting we had a mini reunion of some of the people who had been part of early intervention program development at a preconference workshop.

In follow-up to that discussion we thought it would make sense to see if there was interest within the network in reinstituting an early intervention/early childhood special interest group (EIECSIG). What this group would do is certainly open to negotiation and input of participants. At a minimum we would like to create a forum where we would articulate concerns and recommendations regarding the status of early intervention in our states and nationally. Given current technology we would convene by telephone or webinair. At this point we are interested in hearing from you as to your interest. Participation is open to all interested who are at UCEDD's and LEND's.

Possible activities include:


  • A forum for discussion of issues experienced by people involved in delivering of early intervention services
  • Presentation of program models
  • Presentation of research projects on early intervention practices
  • Development of presentations for AUCD annual meeting
  • The needs reflected at the conference workshop tended to be focused on the needs for an interdisciplinary forum for clinicians and personnel preparation folks but certainly other points of view, research, policy, etc. are welcome.



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