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AUCD Sharepoint Portals are password protected collaborative spaces for the members of AUCD Network.  You must have an account (username and password) to access a portal.


Council Portals

For access to council portals, contact the appropriate council chair.

Council for Interdisciplinary Service (CIS)
The mission of the Council is to help meet the special needs, problems, and potential of persons with mental retardation or other developmental disabilities by:

- Providing a forum and other resources for collectively examining and advancing the interdisciplinary mission and program of training, service, research, and community program development.
- Defining and promoting the concept of interdisciplinary in training, service, research, and community program development.
- Advising the AUCD Board of Directors on matters pertaining to interdisciplinary practice in training, service, research, and community program development.

The Council is unique among councils of AUCD in that the membership of the Council for Interdisciplinary Service consists of representatives from multiple disciplines within University Centers for Excellence in Developmental Disabilties.


Multicultural Council (MCC)
The mission of the Council is to advocate on behalf of the cultural diversity and cultural competence mandates of the Developmental Disabilities Act and other relevant legislation and policy. The Council fulfills this mission to the Association and its constituent membership by serving as a conduit for technical assistance, providing input into policy, and engaging in other support activities deemed necessary to advance the area of cultural competence as mandated by the Administration on Developmental Disabilities and the Maternal and Child Health Bureau.


National Community Education Directors' Council (NCEDC)
The National Community Education Directors' Council was established to:

- Serve as a focus and forum for the identification and discussion of issues of community education and technical assistance.
- Function as a representative voice of community education interests and concerns within the UCEDD network.
- Influence the development and implementation of national community education policies and initiatives.
- Share resources and exemplary community education programs developed and used by UCEDDs across the nation.


National Training Directors Council (NTDC)
The mission of the Council is to identify the mutual needs of training directors from the UCEDD and LEND networks and to promote collaborative actions to improve the effectiveness of interdisciplinary training.



Additional AUCD Projects

To access a project portal, contact the appropriate staff liaison at AUCD.

CDC State Disability and Health Grantees
The Disability and Health Grantee Portal promotes collaborative work and information sharing. Information is regularly provided by AUCD TA staff and grantees can post information that may be helpful to the network.

Act Early Regional Summit Project
The Act Early Regional Summit Project is brings together key state leaders from the early intervention and early childhood community for the purpose of enhancing relationships and collaborations and providing a forum to share information and insights on the opportunities, challenges, and barriers for families and children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and related disabilities in the areas identification, assessment, diagnosis, and intervention.

A National Gateway to Self-Determination
The National Geteway to Self-Determination project's goal is to establish a sustainable evidenced based training system that enhances self-determination training programs and measures quality of life outcomes for individuals with developmental disabilities throughout their lifespan.