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Members of the AUCD network of CDC's State Disability and Health Grantees have access to a discussion listserve hosted by AUCD.  The listserve can be a valuable resource for collaboration among state grantees.  AUCD sends announcements about upcoming grantee calls, events, new resources and funding opportunities on a regular basis to listserve members. To join the list, fill out the short form on the right.  Subscription requests and postings are moderated by AUCD staff.


After completing the subscription form on the right, your request will be sent to the list moderator, who will be able to confirm your subscription. This step helps to ensure the list remains spam-free.

Sending messages

List members can send emails to the grantee listserve to communicate messages about upcoming events, developed products or resources, or to solicit advice or discussion. 

To send an email to the listserve, members can "Reply All" to a past email that was sent through the grantee listserve or send a new message to the list's email address

List Etiquette

List members are asked to read and adhere to the following guidelines for list etiquette. Abusers of this list will have their email address removed and will be blocked from the list.

You are Replying to Everyone
When you reply to a message, note that you are replying to the entire list, not to the individual who is sending the message. Consider whether your message is necessary to post to the entire list ("Here's an additional resource everyone might be interested in...") or is better served by creating a new email addressed only to the one individual ("Thanks!"). If you prefer to reply directly to the sender, select "forward" or create a new email addressed directly to that person, not to the listserve.

Tip: When sending listserv messages, include your email signature. List subscribers may use that information to reach you with individual messages by forwarding listserv message to your personal email address.

Keep Your Posts Trimmed
When replying to a post, quote only what's absolutely necessary to help readers understand your response. Delete the rest. If sharing an article, post a brief excerpt, then provide the URL where those interested may view the rest. On ALL replies, eliminate automatically generated footers (Yahoo, MSN mail, privacy statements, and others) from the quoted previous post. In addition, please trim email system headers and extra signature lines.

No Email Attachments
Instead, provide the data as text in your post, offer to provide the data to those who request it, or put it up on the web. Not everyone has the ability to read attachments or wishes to download them.

Be Respectful
Be respectful in your responses to others. We come from diverse backgrounds and theoretical orientations. Some of our richest learning experiences can come from lively debate over relevant topics. Post differing opinions, but refrain from negative language or "flaming".

Keep it Professional
Take personal interactions off the listserve. It is certainly ok to maintain conversations regarding training, personal development, and other areas of support on the list, but when writing a post such as "Hi Janet! Haven't seen you since we left grad school. How's your dad?" it is best to send this directly to the person's email address rather than to post it to the entire list. Signature lines should include the sender's email for this reason.

Access the Listserve Archive

Subscribed members of this list can access the listserve archive for a full list of messages sent out to the Disability and Health Grantees listserve. 

To access the listserve archive,

1.Log in to the listserve interface.

2.Chose "cdcdhgrantees" from the list

3.You can now navigate using the left side menu to read archived messages, create and send your own message, or change your settings

4.Log out when done, or select "my forums" to access another AUCD list of which you are a member


Members wishing to leave the list should use the form below to unsubscribe from this list. Members of multiple AUCD lists should note that unsubscribing from this list does not affect your other list memberships  

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