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An initiative within the AUCD-NCBDDD Cooperative Agreement is to provide technical assistance to state-based programs (State Disability and Health Grantees), which were awarded by NCBDDD to promote health, prevent chronic disease, and increase the quality of life among people with disabilities. In July 2012, NCBDDD awarded eighteen states (State Disability and Health Grantees) with a three-year grant (FOA DD12-1204: Improving the Health of People with Disabilities Through State-Based Public Health Programs) to develop and strengthen health-related disability programs. Some of the sites have received funding from previous cycles of this program while others are newly funded.

Funded State Disability and Health Grantees include:

• Alabama • Montana
• Alaska • New Hampshire
• Arkansas • New York
• Delaware • North Carolina
• Florida • North Dakota
• Illinois • Ohio
• Iowa • Oregon
• Massachusetts • Rhode Island
• Michigan • South Carolina

Grantees work collaboratively with AUCD staff and Project Officers at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities (NCBDDD), Division of Human Development and Disability (DHDD), and Disability Policy, Interventions and Programs Team (DPIP).


Grantee Success Stories

Grantee success stories capture details on how each grantee program has taken steps to target a particular public health issue that people with disabilities face in their state and how their work will impact future public health efforts.

Click here to view the Grantee Success Stories by State.


2012 Grantee Training Meeting for Disability and Public Health Programs

The 2012 Grantee Training Meeting for Disability and Public Health Programs took place in Atlanta, Georgia, August 7-8, 2012.  Click here for more information about the 2012 meeting


2011 Disability and Health Partners Meeting: Building Healthy Communities for Everyone


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