Additional Workgroups


Direct Support

Amy Hewitt, chair

Work Group Goals

  1. Work to provide direct input on direct support workforce related legislation and policy issues.
  2. ID Direct support workforce related projects and summarize for sharing.
  3. Hold at least three conference calls for staff involved in workforce issues.
  4. Use Sharepoint and Learning Object Repository.




Jerry R. Alliston, co-chair

Stacey Ramirez, co-chair

Work Group Goals


  1. Share and disseminate information and resources regarding transition into adulthood
  2. Coordinate conference call topics and subject content with the Dissemination and Marketing workgroup
  3. Collaborate with the Sibling Leadership Network



Dissemination and Marketing

Melina Danko, chair

Work Group Goals

  1. Share dissemination strategies
  2. Troubleshoot barriers to dissemination


Emergency Planning

Tom Gannon, chair 

Work Group Goals

  1. Collect disaster-related products, post UCEDD-wide
  2. Convene bi-monthly calls featuring a product, program or presentation
  3. Build collaboration across the network especially with the SIG


Community Training for the Future

Cary Kreutzer, chair

Work Group Goals

  1. Conference call discussions (4) schedule in Sharepoint
  2. Post documents, resources, meeting minutes in Sharepoint


Violence Prevention

Marilyn Hammond, chair 

Work Group Goals

  1. Raise awareness of VP issues by connecting w/other subcommittees and within our states (campus, disability orgs, offices of education faith based, etc)
  2. Disseminate info (links, curricula, professional literature, funding, etc) via Sharepoint
  3. Seek out existing curricula and compile list to share through Sharepoint
  4. Conduct at least four conference calls on violence prevention issues