Technical Assistance


Email or Telephone
Remote technical assistance and training on specific aspects of NIRS is available from AUCD by telephone or email. The following AUCD staff will be able to assist you: Dawn Rudolph and Corina Miclea Rotsko. The AUCD phone number is 301-588-8252. 

Although resources are limited for on-site training and TA, requests may be submitted to Dawn Rudolph.

Recorded Trainings

The following is a list of helpful archived recordings on NIRS-related topics:

Assistance is also available via the AUCD Data Coordinators listserve and/or Training Directors listserve.

  • To add your name to the Data Coordinators or Training Directors listserve, please contact Dawn Rudolph.
  • To post to the Training Directors listserve, please send an email to Dawn Rudolph.

To view a list of Data Coordinators and/or Training Directors from Centers across the country, please visit: