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AUCD Workshop: Essential Genetics for UCEDD and LEND Directors

In this workshop a team-based learning format was used to provide the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will help participants integrate genetics into the care that they provide to individuals with neurodevelopmental disabilities.


Pediatrician Alert: When Developmental Milestones are Misssed. Rett Syndrome Needs Your Attention, by Alan Percy, MD (AL UCEDD/LEND/DDRC)

Submitted by: Alan Percy, MD, University of Alabama UCEDD, LEND, DDRC

Genetics Websites from the March of Dimes Office of the Medical Director

doc File mod genetics websites 050307.doc [download]

LEND Genetics Meeting

The goal of this December 13, 2006 meeting was to begin a dialogue around how to continue to expand the role of the geneticist and genetic counselor in LEND Training Programs.


Newborn Screening ACTion Sheets


Core Competencies in Genetics Essential for All Health Care Professionals

NCHPEG's publication of the second edition of the Core Competencies (January 2005) continues to provide basic guidance to a broad range of individuals and groups as they plan educational initiatives in genetics and genetically based health care, and includes information about how the competencies have been used by diverse groups since their original publication in January 2001.


Core Principles of Genetics for Health Professionals

Created by NCHPEG, the principles focus on basic biology related to genetics. This document is a companion piece to the Core Competencies that provides additional guidance about the content that should constitute basic instruction in genetics for those in health care.


Genetics in the Practice of Speech Language Pathology and Audiology

An interactive learning module focusing on the genetic contributions to speech, language, and hearing disorders. The purpose of the site is to help increase the genetics literacy of speech language pathology and audiology professionals, which will improve the overall quality of service to their clients.


Genetic Awarness Checklist

Created by the Virginia LEND under their LEND Genetics grant from AUCD, this checklist is designed to help individuals and programs facilitate the development of genetically aware policies, practices, and research.


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