Making Data Real


Display of two books with starsAUCD (the Association of University Centers on Disabilities) is looking for people with disabilities to share their stories. We want to know why working, earning money, and having healthy food are important to you.

We work with the University of New Hampshire (UNH), Institute on Disability on a project about data (information in the form of numbers). Numbers in a report don’t tell the full story. Adding real-life stories with the data helps people to understand the data.

UNH’s StatsRRTC (Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Disability Statistics and Demographics) collects data about people with disabilities for its reports and its website. Click here to see examples of StatsRRTC reports (Report #1 and Report #2).

People with disabilities and others can use the reports to support health, wellness, community living, and equity. The stories make the data real.

AUCD will collect the stories for StatsRRTC. Stories can be text, PowerPoint® slides, photos or video, or a combination.

StatsRRTC will choose stories for their website or reports. If they want your story, they will ask your permission first. If you agree, StatsRRTC will add your story to their website or to a report.

Questions? Contact Sue Wolf-Fordham, Consultant to the Public Health and Policy Teams, AUCD [email protected]

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