Act Early Response to COVID-19: Year 1


Participating States/Territories
Act Early Response to COVID-19 Team Leadership Roster



Year 1 Overview
Forty-three State and Territorial Act Early COVID-19 Response Teams were each awarded a $94,000 grant opportunity for Support for Early Childhood State Systems Through the Act Early Network. Act Early Ambassador-led/co-led Response Teams used this support opportunity to bolster and evaluate activities to improve early identification of developmental delays and disabilities among young children (birth to age five), as well as advance the promotion and distribution of relevant, existing tools, materials, and programs to improve resiliency among families with young children during COVID-19 response and mitigation efforts. To inform this work, in fall 2020 Response Teams and their partners from early childhood programs (N = 392) completed a rapid needs assessment to describe the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on early identification of children with developmental delays and disabilities.

Year 1 Deliverables

The Act Early Response to COVID-19 Project: Year One At-a-Glace

Act Early Response to COVID-19 Year 1 Infographic

Act Early/COVID-19 Year 1 Early Identification Materials and Resources

Act Early/COVID-19 Year 1 Family Resilience Materials and Resources

Promising Practices: 

Document IconIndividualized Partner Work Plans to Integrate LTSAE

Document IconUsing Deputy Ambassadors to Expand the Reach of LTSAE

 This effort was supported with funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (cooperative agreement 6 NU38OT000280-02-02).

Learn more by visiting CDC's Act Early Response to COVID-19 Webpage