Program Coordinator, Resource Finder/ Resource Center, Kennedy Krieger Institute, Baltimore, MD

Posted: Wednesday, July 20, 2022


The Program Coordinator for the Resource Finder/ Resource Center will have the primary responsibility for implementing the information dissemination core function of the MCDD. The Program Coordinator will be the liaison for the Institute, consumers, health care providers, educators, and other staff members accessing the Resource Finder/Resource Center. The Program Coordinator (Resource Finder/ Resource Coordinator) will also assist the Director with communicating services, monitoring resource opportunities, analyzing and reporting utilization trends, and sharing data with internal and external stakeholders.


  1. Maintain and create alliances, partnerships, and associations with local, state, and regional community support organizations and agencies.
  2. Assist the Director with communication among Maryland consumers, professionals, and Kennedy Krieger Institute personnel when accessing the Resource Finder/Resource Center.
  3. Accept information requests through telephone calls, emails, and meetings with individuals in the Resource Center. Determine appropriate collateral and resources to send and refer individuals to appropriate organizations, agencies, providers, or Kennedy Krieger Institute departments and programs in a timely manner.
  4. Assist in identifying the need for new information, researching providers and agencies, and developing new content to add to the MCDD’s website, the Resource Finder webpage and Kennedy Krieger’s website.
  5. Work with with Director and our marketing/public relations team to produce the MCDD quarterly newsletter, including information gathering across Kennedy Krieger departments and programs, and the community. Write and edit the MCDD newsletter, in accordance with established timelines by the marketing/public relations team.
  6. Gather and submit MCDD faculty, staff members, and trainees’ activities, honors, awards, and news to internal and external media outlets (e.g., Kennedy Krieger’s employee newsletter and Association of University Centers on Disabilities 360 newsletter).
  7. Research and provide corrections/replacements for dead links on the MCDD and Resource Finder websites.
  8. Add MCDD events to the Institute’s event calendar.
  9. Collect, monitor, and analyze program data and develop reports or publications in peer-reviewed journal articles.
  10. Give presentations to organizations, schools, agencies, and Kennedy Krieger Institute departments and programs in an effort to promote the Resource Finder and MCDD, build relationships, receive and publish information on each participant’s services.
  11. Provide in-depth training of the Resource Finder procedures and oversee projects of Resource Finder trainees, as scheduled.
  12. Assist with the development and evaluation of new data projects, coordinate data project activities, and provide technical assistance and end-user training as needed.
  13. Provide direction and leadership regarding multiple internal and external data projects for the MCDD using Apricot, a product of Social Solutions. This will include serving on the MCDD’s leadership team as one of the points of contact for MCDD data projects and partnerships. 
  14. Perform all duties with a customer-first approach recognizing each inquiry as an opportunity to market the Resource Center.


Education: Bachelor’s degree required, master’s degree preferred.

Experience: A minimum of 3 years’ working experience in a health or educational organization required, with preference given to those with experience in caring for persons with developmental disabilities.

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