Research Assistant, The Johns Hopkins Disability Health Research Center, Baltimore, MD

Posted: Monday, November 15, 2021

The Johns Hopkins Disability Health Research Center (DHRC) is seeking Research Assistants to assist on a project examining transportation system accessibility starting in January 2021. This is a virtual student position.

Duties include the following:


  • Engage in training on how to evaluate public transportation webpages
  • Identify universal design features published on public transportation webpages
  • Systematically extract and record data within a standardized data management system
  • Discuss data extraction and recording progress during team meetings

Expectations of this role include:


  • Timely delivery of public transportation webpage audit at agreed-upon deadlines
  • Attention to detail during webpage evaluation, data extraction, and data recording discussions
  • Attendance at weekly team meetings
  • Adhere to the DHRC commitment to inclusion and diversity


Ideal candidates include:


  • Experience working as part of a collaborative team
  • Familiarity with core components of inclusion
  • Interest in social determinants of health


Successful applicants can expect the following from this experience


  • Introduction to social determinants of health and universal design
  • Training on measurement of inclusion practices within transportation systems
  • Participation in a collaborative research environment
  • Opportunity for authorship on scientific work


Members within the DHRC are fully committed to inclusion. Candidates with disabilities are encouraged to apply, and accommodations to support research assistant's success in this role will be made.

Interested students should email their CV and statement of interest to Dr. Erica Twardzik ([email protected]) and Dr. Bonnielin Swenor ([email protected]) with "DHRC Research Assistant" as the subject.