Executive Director - Nebraska Statewide Independent Living Council (NESILC), Lincoln, NE

Posted: Wednesday, February 10, 2021


Executive Director Nebraska Statewide Independent Living Council (NESILC)


Reports To: Governing Council

Duties and Responsibilities: Under the direction of the Governing Council, the Executive Director is responsible for the administration and coordination of all Statewide Independent Living Council (SILC) activities, including policy and program development, leadership and oversight of SILC legislative and advocacy efforts, membership recruitment, public relations as well as management of SILC staff, budget, and activities.

General Management

1.  Oversight of all SILC meetings

  • Preparing financial statement, budgets and related materials
  • Distribute materials to all voting and non-voting members at least 2 weeks prior to meetings
  • Provide materials to members in a format that is accessible and allows full participation and understanding.
  • Report on legislative and advocacy activities related to disability programs and policies
  • Work closely to guide Council Chair

2. Develop and oversee subcommittees as needed

3. Management of SILC staff including both volunteer and paid.

4. Prepare and submit federal, state and Designated Service Entity timely reports, recommendation, and updates

5. Maintain collaborative and cooperative relationships to include but not limited to:

  • Legislative members
  • Department of Health and Human Service officials and staff
  • State agencies related to the disability community, ie: Commission for Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Commission for Blind or Visually Impaired, Nebraska  Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Centers for Independent Living, Arc Chapters, Protection & Advocacy Agency

6.  Develop an annual orientation to new Board members in at standard language level for general public standards,

  • Schedule, ongoing training to all members related to awareness and skills of Council membership, Independent Living Skills/Philosophy. 

7. Monitor state rules and regulations, legislation and other activities that impact disability programs and policies and/or the full inclusion of people with disabilities.


Program Management

8. Monitor compliance with grants, contracts, regulations and Statewide Plan for Independent Living (SPIL) including the preparation of performance reports and the maintenance of appropriate records

9. Organize the development and implementation of the three-year Statewide Plan for Independent Living (SPIL)

10. Develop a strategic plan which incorporates the goals and objectives that work toward the direction of the SILC

11. Develop and implement an annual timeline of required activities related to the SPIL

12. Prepare meeting agendas and material for Council meetings

13. Draft policies for the approval of the Council and review existing policies on an annual basis

14. Ensure the mission of the organization is reflected in all program planning, implementation and evaluation

15.Demonstrate creativity, leadership and initiative in carrying out assigned tasks

16. Research and promote program expansion through grant proposals from government, foundation and other private entities

17. Ensure that contracts, grants and services accepted by the SILC contribute to the mission and reflect the priorities of the Council

18. Oversee the planning, implementation, execution and evaluation of special projects

19.Identify the need for and coordinate all aspects of public meetings addressing independent living


Human Resources Management

20. Determine staffing needs for the organization and appropriate service delivery

21. Develop position descriptions for staff in addition to Executive Director, in accordance with the SILC's mission

22. Recruit, interview and select staff based on position description and criteria in which to determine the best applicant

23. Ensure all staff receive training related to the history, philosophy, funding, purpose and mission of the SILC. Training includes the Staff's role in the SILC

24. Develop and implement a performance review process and conduct annual performance reviews


Finance and Resource Management

25. Ensure that a comprehensive budget and subsequent budgetary updates are developed annually and presented to the Board for review and approval.

26. Ensure sound bookkeeping and accounting procedures are followed

27. Serve as a Fiscal Agent and administer funds per grantor guidelines

28. Develop and maintain financial management systems, including but not limited to: tracking, recording and managing all revenue and expenses; reconciling bank statements; reimbursing Council members for travel and other allowable expenses associated with Council meetings and approved activities


Public Relations and Systems Change

29. Provide support and participation in community awareness, public education, systems advocacy and outreach activities

30. Confer with state and federal legislators, Independent Living (IL) organizations and other disability organizations to exchange information, interpret laws, regulations and policies, and build a common agenda

31. Maximize the cooperation, coordination and working relationships among the Centers For Independent Living, (CILs), the Council, and other Independent Living organizations or disability entities

32. Responsible for developing and maintaining appropriate communication and public relations tools and efforts including maintaining the web site and publishing the annual report of SILC

33.Develop and distribute information and educational materials



34. Bachelor's Degree preferred or four years experience with independent living philosophy and/or experience with disability

  • Qualified individuals with a disability are strongly encouraged to apply

35. Non-profit management preferred

36. Executive Director experience preferred

37. Experience with financial management

38. Experience with facilitation of diverse groups

39. Experience with effective communication

40. Ability to establish personal transportation for in and out of town travel

41. Experience of Quickbooks

42.Knowledge of data collection software, and Microsoft Office Products

43. Self-starter with the ability to work independently with minimal direction

44. Experience as a collaborative team member that embraces multiple perspectives

To apply

45. Experience  to organize and prioritize multiple projects, while meeting deadlines

46. Experience in development of fundraising efforts to enhance unrestricted funds

47. Experience in development and management of strategic plan for fundraising, identify giving opportunities to enhance ability to achieve SILC goals

48.  Must be flexible with the daily work schedule, including occasional evening hours and overnight travel


Time: Part-time; full-time possible

Work hours: M-F adjusted as needed for travel or SILC related activities

Salary: Negotiable; Commensurate with experience  

Benefits: Cost reimbursements provided

To apply: To apply for this position please submit cover letter, resume, and 3 references to [email protected]