Grants Administrator, Center for Excellence in Disabilities, West Virginia University

Posted: Wednesday, January 22, 2020

West Virginia University

Position Description


Working Title                                    Grants Administrator

Division/Department                    CED/Center for Excellence in Disabilities

Position Location                             Morgantown

Position Terms                                  Full-time (37.5hpw), benefits eligible





The Grants Administrator will work closely with the Director to facilitate partnerships and grants development within the West Virginia University Center for Excellence in Disabilities (WVUCED). This position will provide center-wide program development and support for all WVUCED employees throughout the state. Additionally, this position will contribute to center executive leadership by participating in strategic planning with partners, identifying new partners, and supporting the center's grant development process across all sites.


This position will serve as a resource contact for center team members in areas related to identifying grant opportunities pertinent to our mission, apply those opportunities in competitive ways, and document research within the center. This position will work largely independently and use professional concepts, techniques and organizational policies to solve a wide range of moderate to complex problems in imaginative and practical ways, communicating with the executive leadership prior to final implementations. Position duties may require creativity, depth SKAs and interpretive abilities. Work effort has considerable impact on personnel and workflow with potential legal liabilities.


Duties & Responsibilities                            

The position responsibilities are supervisory in nature, and performed under limited supervision. Specific tasks include, but are not limited to:


Strategic Planning (55%)

1.       As a member of the Executive Leadership Team (ELT), identify activities necessary to complete any proposed tasks related to position, lead sections of strategic planning activities within area of grants and innovation, work with program managers on program specific skills related to grant identification, writing, and management to identify best practices and internal systems for the center.

2.       Initiate center strategic alliances and partnerships by working with the Director to develop and maintain excellent grant relationships with state agencies and other stakeholder groups.

3.       Maintain communication with other university departments and maintain a description of ongoing research pertinent to the mission of the WVUCED for potential partnerships.


Program Evaluation (10%)

4.       Provide necessary partnerships, grants, research linkages, and support to center team members.

5.       Develop and implement evaluation procedures and measures for programs and initiatives throughout the center.

6.       Work with the Training Specialist and Professional Development Specialist to assist in determining the need for staff development in program evaluation and grant development.

7.       Represent the center in select site-visits and partner and program meetings in communication with the Director and ELT.

8.       Coordinate with team members to obtain relevant information and prepare reports as needed. Prepare written research plans in a clear way for proposal preparation.


Grants (30%)

1.       Research grant opportunities (e.g. federal funding, cooperative agreements, foundation, etc.) for the purpose of developing additional funding resources and identify (and contribute to) writing new applications for both current and proposed services, programs and administrative operations.

2.       Write grants, and collaborate on grant applications with various WVUCED programs, WVU units, and community organizations. Initiate the completion of select center reports for partners.

3.       Identify and inform the Director and ELT of external grant funding opportunities with partners pertinent to the mission of the WVUCED, circulate to all potential employees who might be interested in developing applications and provide assistance in completing application components.

4.       Identify and match programs and staff with funding opportunities.

5.       Attend and assist with pre-grant management meetings to align and coordinate WVUCED grant responses to proposals of interest to the mission.

6.       Respond to questions from grantees and representatives from potential funding partners related to grant application opportunities and/or planned responses.

7.       Review data, reports, and studies related to grants or programs with Program Managers to ensure efficiency/effectiveness of programs and to assist with presentation of information relating to program outcomes.

8.       Prepare and submit protocols for review by the Institution Review Board (IRB) for the protections of Human Subjects in Research for programs and/or provide support for program leads to initiate and monitor IRB processes within their programs.

9.       Actively participate in writing of reports, grants, journal articles or other documentation of program activities across the center.


Executive Leadership Team (5%)

10.   Oversee the Core Function Committee that direct Center-related goals and objectives.

11.   Facilitate partnership development and strategic planning for the center in conjunction with the Director and ELT.

12.   Keep ELT, center staff, and designated others informed in a timely manner of any issues with center activities that they may lead or oversee.

13.   Clear communication with and participation in the ELT is expected in all responsibilities and should be accomplished through established mechanisms (e-mail reporting, weekly ELT meetings, participation in monthly webinar, etc.).


Supervisory/Lead Role                 

This position reports to the Director. Normally receives little supervision on routine work, minimal instructions on new assignments but maintains communication regularly with the Director and ELT on activities and partnerships. Typically determines methods and procedures on new assignments, and consults with supervisor when starting a new project or when difficulty arises. General sharing of knowledge and team participation is expected in the role. Program, project, or activity lead and work coordination responsibilities will be assigned in this position. Guidance or supervision of others may be required. 


 Physical Demands                                          

Must be able to stand, reach, sit, and stoop and kneel to gain access to program files. Activities are predominantly non-manual though some manual work not directly involved with altering or transporting of products may be included. Will utilize basic office equipment to include PCs.


Work Environment

Works in standard office atmosphere with shared space and equipment. Travel is required and will result in exposure to various climates and environments. Responsible to know and comply with all safety procedures.


Requisite Qualifications

Education and/or Experience

1)      Ph.D. Degree in social sciences, health sciences; or related areas;


2)      Two years of experience providing high-level communication, administrative support, and working with funded research projects;

3)      At least 1 year of experience in grant writing;


4)      An equivalent combination of education and experience.


Certifications, Licenses, Registrations

1)      Valid driver's license


Skills, Knowledge, Abilities

1)      Skilled at building and maintaining positive relationships with faculty, staff, administrators, and partners.

2)      Working knowledge of operating budgets, grants and contracts.

3)      Strong communication skills.

4)      Skilled at operating effectively in a fast-paced, high-volume environment & meet deadlines.

5)      The ability to work independently, facilitate, and function as part of a team is required.

6)      Strong interpersonal skills.

7)      Critical thinking skills and the ability to analyze information, evaluate results, and choose the best solution to solve problems.

8)      Ability to apply judgment, discretion, and initiative to simultaneously perform and coordinate multiple responsibilities, determine relative importance of each, set deadline, and complete projects in a timely manner.

9)      Skilled to prepare comprehensive reports and present ideas clearly and concisely.

10)   Ability to read and interpret documents such as program solicitations, form instructions, manuals, etc.

11)   Skilled in speaking effectively before groups of customers or employees of the organization.

12)   Able to identify deadlines and schedule work to ensure that deadlines are met.

13)   Knowledge of a variety of external funding opportunities (e.g., federal, state, private, foundation), procedures, and report requirements.

14)   Knowledge of procedures for initiation, development, implementation, and monitoring of grant projects.

15)   Knowledge of research design, methodology, and sample size calculation.

16)   Knowledge of strategic planning and planning techniques.

17)   Knowledge of publication procedures and techniques.

18)   Knowledge of sources of data and methods of obtaining data.

19)   Ability to define problems, collect data, establish facts and draw valid conclusions.