2019-2020 AUCD Emerging Leaders Internship

Posted: Thursday, April 4, 2019


There are over 3,000 trainees from every state and territory in the AUCD network, all with a commitment to collaborating and positively impacting the lives of people with disabilities. AUCD is seeking two (2) Emerging Leaders Interns to who are interested in learning more about information sharing, resource development and stakeholder engagement in a national non-profit organization setting. Interns will work together to passionately represent the network of current and former trainees, as well as early career professionals, and act as connection points between these individuals at their respective centers/programs and the broader national network. Over the course of the academic year, AUCD's goal is for the Interns and community of emerging leaders to learn, connect with each other and experts from across the country, get involved in a range of opportunities, and ultimately grow as advocates, clinicians, researchers, or any other roles they may assume.

The AUCD Emerging Leaders Interns will:

  • Develop their leadership and communication skills to support their future careers
  • Strengthen the community of emerging leaders through a range of projects
  • Engage with diverse stakeholders

Two women stand on stage, one speaking into a microphoneAUCD is committed to providing both interns with tasks that will advance their marketable skills, all while empowering their peers to make a positive impact on the local, state, and national level. They will serve as Emerging Leaders representatives to the broader AUCD network, interacting with AUCD staff at all levels and the Emerging Leaders Representative on the AUCD Board of Directors.

Both interns will receive direction and mentorship from the Senior Program Specialist, a full-time staff member at AUCD central office. AUCD will provide funding for both trainees to experience and perform duties at the AUCD Conference (typically in November) and the Disability Policy Seminar (typically in March); both events are held in Washington, D.C.

Specific Responsibilities, Time Commitment, and Stipend

Both positions span one full academic year (mid-August through end of May). AUCD offers two different weekly time commitments and stipends.

One of the AUCD Emerging Leaders Intern will be a second year (or more advanced) long-term trainee for the upcoming academic year who will:

  • Work 5-6 hours per week, with the exception of the time immediately around conference/events, in which time commitment may increase
  • • Receive a $1,075 stipend each semester* and all expenses paid (airfare, lodging, and food) to two national meetings (see “Requirements for both interns” below)
  • Primarily focus on the following responsibilities: 
    • Participate in the Welcome Webinar in September
    • Collaborate with the other intern to develop materials for the End of the Year webinar in April
    • Contribute ideas to the development of and play a role in the execution of trainee-focused activities at AUCD in-person meetings, including the creation of related materials, and attending other relevant events as appropriate
    • Showcasing the diversity of the network through the AUCD Emerging Leaders Map, including developing and editing content related to an established theme, participant recruitment, information sharing, and ongoing evaluation of the map's effectiveness
  • Specific requirements for this internship include:
    • Utilize a variety of Microsoft products such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel
    • Experience in coordinating events for diverse audiences

A young woman stands next to the AUCD signThe other AUCD Emerging Leaders Intern will be a long-term trainee at any level (those starting their first-year traineeship are welcome to apply!) for the upcoming academic year:

  • Work 3-4 hours per week, with the exception of the time immediately around conference/events, in which time commitments may increase
  • Receive a $675 stipend each semester* and all expenses paid (airfare, lodging, and food) to two national meetings a year (see "Requirements for both interns" below)
  • Primarily focus on the following responsibilities:
    • Contribute ideas on how to promote engagement with the Emerging Leaders Community via social media and other online channels
    • Recruiting, communicating with, and regularly seeking input from Trainee Liaisons (trainee representatives from each Program and Center) to enhance the reach and impact of the Emerging Leaders Community
    • Taking meeting minutes during weekly check-ins with AUCD staff
    • Collaborate with the other intern to develop materials for the End of the Year webinar in April
  • Specific requirements for this internship include:
    • Familiarity with web-based platforms (e.g. social media, Zoom, listservs)
    • Experience engaging diverse audience in multiple formats

*Note: The stipend will be paid to the individual or to the Program/Center, based on Program/Center policies. Stipends will be issued upon completion of internship objectives, but AUCD is flexible as how to structure payments.

Requirements for both Interns:

  • One-hour weekly check-in meetings with the AUCD Emerging Leaders team
  • Attend the AUCD Conference (November 16-20, 2019) and the Disability Policy Seminar (March 22-25, 2020); both in Washington, D.C.
  • Exhibit foundational knowledge of the AUCD network and a desire to learn more
  • Demonstrate an interest in national issues related to leadership and people with disabilities
  • Model cultural and linguistic competence in interactions with colleagues and professionals from around the country representing a wide range of abilities, racial/ethnic backgrounds, and cultural identities
  • Respond in a timely manner to inquiries received by the Emerging Leaders e-mail account
  • Use exceptional communication skills
  • Work independently and with others as appropriate
Please note that all meetings (e.g. webinars, trainee liaison calls, check-ins, etc) will primarily occur during AUCD's business hours: Monday-Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm ET.

A young woman speaks into a mic on stageApplication Deadline
The deadline to submit all of your materials is Wednesday, June 19, 2019, at 11:59pm ET.

Application Process
Interested candidates should submit their application by visiting the application page, creating an account, and submitting the following items by Wednesday, June 19, 2019 at 11:59pm ET for both positions.

Prior to applying, all interested trainees are encouraged to have a conversation with their Center/Program Director or Training Director about the time and travel commitments associated with the position. For example, it will be helpful for applicants to know if internship hours can be applied to training requirements (e.g. a leadership project) or not.

Please read all the required submitted materials carefully.

  • Your resume or CV (brief: no more than 2 pages)
  • A one-page letter of interest describing the following things: (1) why you want to serve in this role, (2) how you see it contributing to your professional growth, and (3) how the position match your current skillset.
  • Application form (download application form)
  • A statement of support from your LEND or UCEDD Director or Training Director
Seleciton and Onboarding Process
  • Interviews (virtual using Zoom or a similar web-based platform) will occur in early July 2019
  • The two selected interns will be notified by August 2019
  • In August 2019 and January 2020, the AUCD Emerging Leaders team and the two trainees' Director and/or Training Director will participate in an orientation meeting to review all the responsibilities and workplan for each semester.

If you have any questions or need additional clarification, please contact Christine liao at [email protected] or 240-821-9462.

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